I can’t believe that the weekend has come and gone already and I have NPC shows under my belt. Definitely makes me a bit emotional thinking about what I have just accomplished and DSC_0077.jpgwhat I have pushed through these last 29 weeks. YES, I SAID 29 WEEKS. I have been dreaming about doing an NPC Bikini Competition since December 2016 (check out that horribly posed progress photo on the right haha) when I got into lifting and started seeing my whole body composition change. I thought it was a great goal to have, but deep down I think I always thought it would never actually happen, and that I would never actually do such a crazy thing.


Peak week started with the usual macros, nothing too crazy! However, as days went on my carbs INCREASED, water intake stayed around 1.5-2 gallons, and my cardio was normal! I was SO PUMPED to increase carbs, keep my water intake up, and not go crazy on the cardio – I’ve heard HORRIBLE peak week stories, you guys! (cough, dry oats, and zero water, cough)

As for my workouts, all that changed was fewer sets than normal! LOVED IT. I started dropping weight like crazy! Pretty sure it was 2-3 lbs total for my first peak week – which is insane!

My second peak weak, my weight didn’t change too much but I tightened up a lot from my first show to my second! I had the same game plan for Peak Week 2 that I had for Peak Week 1. It went pretty smoothly!



My amazing Momma and I drove down to Tucson Friday afternoon so we could check into the hotel early, find where I would be registering and where all my appointments would be for the weekend! Once we got there, we got settled, went and got my first layer of tan on, freaked out a bit that this WAS HAPPENING, and then we went down to the lobby to get me registered! I was feeling pretty excited, and only a tiny bit nervous. It’s such a cool feeling to see your dreams playing out right in front of you. Once I was done with registration, we went up to our room and had the meals that we brought with us and we were in bed by 8PM, haha!


The next morning we were up and down getting my second tan done by 5AM, followed by my makeup and hair! Getting glammed up is such a FUN part of this whole experience. Never would I ever do my makeup like this, so I was taking it all in for sure!

We then went off to the Fox Theater down the street, where we would basically hang out all day long. This show was a one day show, so the prejudging was in the morning, followed by finals later that night. So the afternoon was left for us to wander downtown Tucson, drink black coffee and people watch while we waiting for the Theater to open back up again for finals!

Prejudging in the morning went well. I was so nervous that my legs were shaking, and my bottom lip was quivering on stage making it hard to hold a smile, haha, but it turned out well! I moved around about in 1st callouts for my Novice class but held center at the end, and for my Open class, I was 1st callouts, dead center the whole time they were judging us and moving women around. (For those of you who don’t know, 1st call outs means they will call out 5[give or take] right after the first round of posing when you come out. This usually means the top 5 women of the class. More than likely, if you’re in the center of that 1st callout, or close to, you may be top 3 or so! So, holding center is usually a great sign!)


During the break in between shows, we walked to a nearby park and had lunch/coffee and took a few pictures! The vibe was AWESOME and the stress was low.

When finals came around, I felt like my nerves were gone and I was READY TO GO. Went out there on stage with more confidence and tried to soak up every second I had on that stage!

I placed 3rd in Novice, and 1st in Open for my first show ever.

(Placing 1st in Open means I am now Nationally Qualified)



Mom and I ended up driving home LATE Saturday night, where my celebratory meal would be a white monster energy drink, Oreos, a brownie, and a protein bar! Nothing too crazy since we had another show the following week! 🙂


For my second show, I competed in Mesa at the Mesa Arts Center at the Felicia Romero Classic! This was a 2-day show which meant prejudging was on Friday night, and the finals were to take place Saturday night.

My Sister and her family flew down for this show to support me both days! They flew in on Thursday so they could catch both shows – how AMAZING is that!? So fricken blessed to have such a supportive family throughout this journey!

This show felt different. I already knew what to expect (for the most part), I knew when to go backstage, when to pump up, when to get tanned touched up – it just felt BETTER. Which is to be expected, I guess! 79126892-_MG_8017

I met some awesome ladies the weekend before in Tucson that was also competing in Mesa at this show, so there were some familiar faces and I knew I would have backstage buddies!



Prejudging went well! I got 1st callouts again for both Novice and Open classes, which was exciting! I was next to center in my Novice class and shared center with a woman in my Open class (there were 6 women called up).

It felt awesome to had made those 1st callouts again, and it made it even better to have my friends up there with me!


For finals, I ended up taking 2nd in Novice, and 2nd on Open!

(Which now makes me 2X Nationally Qualified!)


After the show, I went out with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law and enjoyed some WELL DESERVED wings, margaritas, and yummy food! It was SO GOOD.

I feel so thankful and blessed with this whole journey, and for all the people who have supported me. I know this sport is extreme, and demanding, selfish, and CRAZY, but man it was a cool experience that I will NEVER FORGET.

To think about competing again in the future, I would have to say I would LOVE to do it again. However, doing this for 30 weeks has been A LOT on me physically and mentally, as well as my family!

The next chapter of my life will be a long improvement season and loads of family time. 🙂

Thank you to YOU for always supporting me, and being an awesome cheerleader for me. I appreciate YOU so much!

Here is to the next chapter in my life, and GROWING that peach!


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XOXO, Nicole Hunter Signature


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