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How these weeks FLY RIGHT BY! Hoooooly, I can’t believe I am done weeks 4 and 5 already!

The last two weeks have been a little tough – especially week 5! We had a family wedding, about 7-8 family BBQ’s where all KINDS of food was served and drinks were flowing, we had company in our house, ate out at restaurants with other family members, and THEN my back decided to give out on me.


I was on leg day #3 of week 5, and my back just decided it was DONE with leg days. I was doing sumo dead lifts, actually focusing on my form and going slow. I think I must have focused too hard, or left one tiny thing out… but I felt a CLUNK in my lower back, and that was it! I was done.

I stopped my workouts and I have been on FULL REST DAYS since then. Today was my first arm day back in my garage (and it felt goooood). I was at a point over the weekend where it hurt to take a step forward, or to even tilt my head down.  I should have gone to the chiropractor like my Momma told me to many times, but lil’ stubborn me decided against it. (Sorry Mom!)

After 5 days rest, I am feeling better and I can move and look down and around and I can just barely feel the pain. Going to take it easy on leg days for now, but I’m excited to be feeling better!


Progress is happening though, despite the busy weekend, extra food and crazy back pain! My weight didn’t move anywhere this week, thanks to zero workouts and eating a bit off but that is OK!

I see progress in my pictures still and that makes me even more motivated to keep pushing and to crush my macros and lifts from here on out! (with the exception of leg days, and being careful with my back)

week 0 - week 6.jpg

WEEK 0 →→→→→ WEEK 6


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