To say this has been a difficult journey, would be an understatement.

I knew going into this, that it would be hard. I knew going in that my macros would get low, and that my cardio sessions would increase. I also knew going in that I needed a certain mindset for this type of sport.

Knowing all of that information and getting yourself ready beforehand, still does NOT prepare you for what is to come when doing a competition prep. I don’t care who you are or what you say, but you never know what challenges you will face during your prep, and you certainly don’t know how your mindset will hold up throughout the ENTIRE prep.

It’s a bittersweet moment right now writing this. Knowing that this is my last update on my weeks of prep (peak week/show day will be different posts entirely)! I’ve loved writing these little updates every few weeks, keep you guys in the loop. I know for sure I will look back on these posts and be proud of what I have accomplished. I also hope that these “prepdate” posts have helped you guys understand competition prep a little bit more and what it entails physically as well as mentally.

Maybe reading these posts has helped inspire some of you to chase your own dreams! Competing in the NPC Bikini Division has been a dream of mine for YEARS, and to see it all coming together (THIS WEEKEND) makes me feel so dang proud, and SO accomplished.

If I can do this, so can you! Follow those dreams, you guys!





As far as my macro’s go, they have been increasing weekly ever since week 24, putting me into a reverse diet EARLY, and coming in fuller for the show! I have been loving the extra carbs each week, and so has my body! It is responding so well to added macros. At the end of Week 27, I have lost a total of 22lbs since the start of this prep!


Week 27 Check In


Wait, let’s throw it back to my before pictures for good time’s sake shall we?


It has been a JOURNEY, to say the least.


My workouts and style of training have been pretty consistent this whole prep. We backed off on cardio for a week or two, but as of week 27, we are back to 45 min x 4 sessions.

Call my crazy, but I don’t really mind doing the cardio sessions. It is a time where I can really think, focus on my goals, plan out my day, catch up on shows, etc. It’s total ME TIME and I can dig it for sure! Haha

I am still trying to lift as heavy as I can (with good form, of course), trying not to lose much strength this prep. I am still pressing 40/45lbs on shoulder press, and squatting 155+lbs, so that’s a win for me (not the heaviest I have ever been able to squat, but hey, 27 weeks into prep I will take it)!


If you’ve watched my Instagram Stories, then you may have noticed I flew up to Canada during week 27! My best friend/cousin got married and I was NOT going to miss it – no matter what. I knew going in that I had to stay on track with my macros/workouts being that I was only 2 weeks out from my first show.

I think I was tempted every single day with pizza, family baked goods (OMG SO HARD TO RESIST), Tim Horton’s donuts, alcohol, cupcakes, and the list goes on!

I am very proud of myself and proud to say that I DID stay on track each day and I hit my macros! I planned my days out in advance, my amazing family made sure to have food for me to eat that fit my macros, and even made sure to have food that I am eating on prep currently, so my body didn’t respond like WHAT IS HAPPENING!? They are so fricken supportive and amazing, I can’t even put it into words how much it means to me, and how much I appreciate them!

It took me making rice cake deli sandwiches, in front of a hot, yummy,  and cheesy pizza (video in my IG Highlights of this exact moment, thanks to my sister Susan), and being deligated to “cupcake duty” at the wedding, making sure that they were always stocked up on the cupcake tier for all the guests – and not eating on single bite! SHEESH – talk about ultimate temptation. I’m not going to lie to you though, when the icing would get on my fingers, I maybe tasted it. MAYBE. That’s all I’m going to say about that…

We also got in a few workouts/cardio sessions which were awesome. I got to try out the gym Wrench Fitness with my mom and sister, which was SO fun and may have taken longer than it should of! Haha, but I loved every single second!

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Traveling during prep and being 2 weeks out probably isn’t the best or ideal, but I made it work! I hit new lows, stuck to my macros and saw a SHIT TON of family and friends. So if you ask me if I regret it or would do it differently next time my answer will always be NOPE. It was so worth it!


All in all, these last few weeks of prep have tested everything in me. From self-discipline with my macros, overall mentality, pushing through workouts at 4am when I would rather be sleeping, being strict with my macros in hard AF situations, and the list goes on.

I have learned SO DANG MUCH about myself these last 27 weeks. More than I have in the last few years.

This prep was definitely longer than the average prep (usually they are 10-12ish weeks long). I personally started early in the year, and I decided on a later show in September. When August hit I started freaking out and we decided to push the date back to the NEXT show in Arizona, which so happened to be in November. Not ideal, but hey – that’s how it works sometimes. My coach said I was ready to go on stage in October, but my travels home took priority, no questions asked!

I am so excited about going into this show. My Mom flies in on Thursday just to support me and come with me to my show over the weekend (HOW AMAZING IS SHE?!)! I feel a sense of calmness, and an overall feeling like I am READY to do this. Yes, I still feel nervous and I KNOW I will be a ball of nerves backstage before I go on and strut my stuff, but I know that I have put in the gosh darn WORK and that I am ready. This weekend is time to have fun and show off all that hard work that I have put in.

Let’s DO THIS!

PS. I will be posting on my Instagram Stories all weekend long, and making my mom take videos/pictures from the crowd 🙂 STAY TUNED FOR THE FUN WEEKEND AHEAD!!!




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