Weeks 23 and 24 COMIN AT CHA!

IN 3…






These weeks have been BUSY, and so productive in terms of my NHF business and just

catching up on emails, and real-estate closing – YASSS! Feels SO good to be busy and keep my mind off of…. prep and well, food. HA. It’s real you guys. All you really think about is when you’re eating next, what you are eating next, and just food in general. Totally sucky, and I wish it wasn’t like that – but it is. Just the reality of prep!

I ended up staying pretty busy on the weekends here, because one weekend my husband took the kiddo’s out to the river for a fun weekend of swimming/atv’ing and more swimming. I chose to stay home and film ALL THE EXERCISES for my next at-home training program “SIMPLIFY” (can I get a WOOOP?!) and get them edited AND uploaded to my new YouTube channel. Felt so dang good to get those done, have some mommy/alone time and just be productive all day long!





Progress was great this week, and I actually felt more in control with my macros. Recently I’ve been having bites here or there, or tasting something that looked just SO good. I know that these bites add up, and prep is a time to be strict with your food and EVERY SINGLE GRAM that goes into your mouth. I think I was stuck with the “well, I want to be balance too, and I’m not looking to go pro” type of attitude, but after really thinking about it and focusing on my goals – I want to do DAMN WELL. After all of this hard ass work, why NOT do the best I absolutely can. What if I absolutely LOVE this sport and eventually want to go pro? This season can set me up for that. With that said these next few weeks of prep are about to be LIT, and they’re about to get INSANE. #BringOnTheShredzzz





Thank the heavens, because ya girl just got an INCREASE in her carbs, and a DECREASE in the amount of cardio I have to do within a week. This has got me SO excited, and even more motivated to nail those macros. I want to bring a strong package, and hit this reverse going into my first show – we got dis.

I have been having a lot of riced cauliflower,veggie noodles, and green beans to add more volume to my meals and DANG IT’S GOOD. I get the lower sodium, ready to steam in the bag types and they are so convenient and good!

I’ve also been experimenting with low-carb options, such as this amazing PIZZA that I made (below)! I’ll be sharing the recipe on this super soon! Let me know if you’d like me to do more low-carb options, or any other types of recipes for the blog! I would LOVE to try out new recipes and share them with you!




Until next time – PEACE OUTTTT! 🙂


Let me know what you’d like me to cover in regards to competition prep, macros, etc! I’d love to post more on it but ya gotta let me know what you want to read!




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