Okay, let’s try this again! I had this post basically done, and of course, my daughter gets a hold of the keyboard and ends up erasing everything, picking her own blog title AND publishes it! Oh boy.. haha! #MOMLIFE

What I was trying to say….LOL, was that we are ALMOST there you guys! #7WEEKSOUT!


The original plan was to POSSIBLY hit up a show in October, to get my on stage sooner rather than waiting until November’s shows. But, it turns out that traveling to California (Culver City) PLUS the expenses from the show/tan/makeup it just cost wayyy too much for me right now. So we are sticking to the plan of competing in the TWO shows back to back weekends here in Arizona! WOOP! IMG_20180917_121945_291

It also turns out that my BEST FRIEND/cousin is getting married the SAME weekend as that California show! Isn’t it funny how God can give you signs, literally in every form? I wasn’t too sold on competing early in October and BAM, the wedding is happening on the exact same day. And ya’ll know I’m going to be there for that wedding – NO MATTER WHAT. It ALSO falls on the weekend 2 WEEKS before my first show.

I will for sure be keeping you guys updated as we get closer and as I travel to Canada at #2WEEKSOUT! Crazy, I know – but I believe in myself and my discipline that I’ll still kick booty up in Canada (with my workouts AND my nutrition). I’ll be up there for about 5 days!

My macro’s have been at 80g carbs / 35g fat / 120g protein (***DO NOT FOLLOW THESE – these are specifically for ME to follow while I am 20 weeks DEEP in COMPETITION PREP*** – if you need help with your macros I can help you calculate them for YOUR own body and specific goals. Just shoot me an email!)  and I am totally mastering volume foods and what to eat/when to eat. For example, I know that If I have the Nutrigen shake that I’ve been having in the morning as a snack, then I will be full until lunch and I don’t want to graze my pantry! I also know that having a box of Sugar-Free Jello ready in the fridge is AWESOME for when I am feeling munchy or just need a quick snack. I have also started incorporating a TON of cauliflower rice (HELLO VOLUME), and stir-fry veggies, and of course, I am still eating my Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt every day! Have you tried it yet?! Vanilla and Toasted Coconut are my go-to! To jazz it up a little bit, and to welcome FALL that is coming so soon, I actually add in some pumpkin pie spice and a dash of nutmeg!


We are moving and grooving for progress, hitting new lows each week (2 a week right now!) WOOOOOP! So as I write this (officially into week 23, but I don’t care haha) I am 20 pounds down since the start of prep! 180-160lbs. SEVEN MORE WEEKS TO GRIND!



Until next time – PEACE OUTTTT! 🙂

Let me know what you’d like me to cover in regards to competition prep, macros, etc! I’d love to post more on it but ya gotta let me know what you want to read!

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