Another two weeks have come and gone and to me, it is CRAZY how fast these weeks go by for these Prep Update posts! Holaayyy! 

The last few weeks have been going great as far as workouts and cardio, but they’ve been OKAY for my macros.


I’ve been getting up early (said screw it to the new gym new routine HAHA) at my usual IMG_20180829_181004_2363:20am time to get my 50 min of steady state in and possibly lift a little. If I can’t get my lift in after my steady state then I’ll just lift at home in my garage gym – which works out fine! I have it, might as well use it! I have to do my cardio first thing or else my motivation to do it goes down the drain and it probably won’t get done. 

As far as macros go, they’re ok. Being at 90g carbs / 35g fat / 120g protein (***DO NOT FOLLOW THESE – these are specifically for ME to follow while I am 20 weeks DEEP in COMPETITION PREP*** – if you need help with your macros I can help you calculate them for YOUR own body and specific goals. Just shoot me an email!)  I find myself having more cravings, more of a need for certain foods (my body is craving all things FATS right now) and I am finding that if I have a taste of something, I start tasting more and more and soon enough I’ve had 2 tablespoons. Not so much horrible binge eating, but I am feeling the tendencies of it. I luckily have caught it and I am more aware of it during the day. I am finding tricks to stay away from that (like putting it way out of sight), increasing my water intake, having meals that will keep me full for a longer period of time or that are more voluminous, and things with more FIBER. I am also trying to work the specific foods I am craving into my daily macros so I am totally restricting myself!




I am still seeing progress, but it has been slow – and we now know why (my macros aren’t 100% on point). Like I said earlier though, I think I have caught it soon enough and acknowledged it, we are ready to keep pushing forward.


I am still hovering around 163lbs, with a total loss of 17 pounds since the start of prep in March – still so proud of myself! Also, peep that new purple competition bikini! I got it from Toxic Angelz Bikinis and my shoes are from The Shoe Fairy!


Week 20 Progress Pictures


Let me know what you’d like me to cover in regareds to competition prep, macros, etc! I’d love to post more on it but ya gotta let me know what you want to read! 🙂


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