What’s UP, you guys!? I am HERE (as promised), and ready to update you all on the last two weeks of PREP!


So the last 2-3 weeks we have UPPPPPPPED my cardio – doubled it actually! I have to get done 5 sessions of 25 minutes fasted cardio in the morning first thing, as well as 5 IMG_20180811_060410_297.jpgsessions of 45 minutes on the stair master. Talk about exhausting, and time consuming – but it’s been totally WORTH IT for this prep.

I felt like I was getting stuck around 168/167lbs for my check in’s and doing this actually kick-started something and I dropped to 164lbs. (This is also the first time I am mentioning my weight to you guys – to be raw and vulnerable, I started this prep at 180!) I didn’t want to share my weight at first because one, I wasn’t totally happy with where I was, and two, I didn’t think it was really needed! There is no need really for me to keep you updated on my weight this ENTIRE prep – but I just wanted to share a bit of it today to let you know what was going on, where I was feeling stuck, and where I started prep at!


The past week my son has started Kindergarten, so I have been experimenting with changing my times up for my workouts. I originally had been waking up around 3:20 – 3:30 AM every morning to hit the gym and get my cardio done by 6:00 AM before the kids woke up, and before my husband left for work! It is slowly wearing on me, and I am feeling the effects of waking up so gosh darn early every day, and I’m actually falling asleep in my son’s bed at 8PM saying goodnight to him LOL!

Our new schedule will be: when we drop Jackson off at school (around 7:30-8 AM) we will make our way to a NEW gym where Hayden can play in the Kid’s Club and I can get my workouts done (with a full nights sleep)! AYyeee 🙂

However, that new gym is PACCCKEEDDD at that time, and I wasn’t really digging it. I went back to Planet Fitness and waking up early AF again after a few days of the busy new gym, and I realized I actually DO like the early morning workouts and getting it done, in an empty gym.

I think I will still be waking up early (not as early) and going to the NEW gym to get my lift in before the kid’s wake up, and then once we drop Jax off at school Hayden can go to the Kid’s Club and I’ll finish up my cardio sessions then!  Seems like a good plan for us, so I will keep you posted on that! 🙂


The last few weeks I’ve seen a little less progress than the beginning weeks of prep, which makes sense! I had more fat to lose at the beginning of prep, so it was a little more noticeable. Now I’m trying to lean out more than I ever have before and I’m only seeing small changes week to week.


It definitely has been messing with my head, “am I good enough for this?”, “should I even keep going?” but the answer is always the same… I AM IN THIS FOR THE LONG HAUL. I’m 17 weeks deep into this prep, and 11 more weeks to go. I still have quite a bit of time to tighten up and make the necessary changes.

Whenever I feel like this, I always always ALWAYS open up my layout app, and put a side by side together from the BEGINNING of prep, to where I am currently. Every time I see the progress that I have made and I throw out that negative self-talk and become SO. DAMN. PROUD.



WEEK 2 >>>> WEEK 17



I’m learning to give myself a little more grace, and not be so damn hard on myself all the time. It’s been a long 17 weeks, but the following 11 weeks are going to be even longer if I’m going to be hard on myself over every little thing!


OH! One more update – my bikini will be done soon! Any guesses on what I got?!

Comment below with your guess!!!


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