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WOWWWWWW You guys – it has been way too long!! What a FAIL on my part for keeping you guys updated. Sheeeeesh, my BAD!

This last month has been a busy one… and the hardest month YET.

Weeks 12 & 13

These two weeks weren’t particularly rough on me, they were actually really GOOD weeks in terms of sticking to the macros, getting all my cardio in, and just seeing awesome progress!

Week 12

Week 13

I was hitting macros well, getting all my cardio in and having some awesome ASS lifts! This week I feel like I leaned out a lot and I was on such a great path! It’s ‘easy’ to do this when you have nothing going on with your social life in terms of events, birthdays, BBQ’s, traveling etc.

I was given another carb drop – as to be expected haha! To keep within my macro’s I have been eating a lot of Zucchini, Edamame Fettucini Noodles, Fat-Free Light Yogurt, Strawberries & Blueberries, Chicken/Turkey Breast/Light Tuna, Protein Bars, Rice Crispy Cereal and Egg Whites!

Week 13 was the day we were flying up to Canada for 10 days, so I knew that prep was going to get a little interesting and TRICKY. I was ready for the challenge though, and determined to stay on track! My family is an AWESOME support system of mine, and they know how much this prep means to me, so they were supportive and understanding when I had to eat my own food at meal times! I was greeted with a big shopping bag full of zucchini, fat-free yogurt, fruit and they were STOCKED UP ON SUPPLEMENTS (Thanks Brett & Susan for being gosh darn amazing and having all that ready for me!!!)

The week went by and I was doing my best to stick to my lower macros. I ate ALL the zucchini within 10 days, a lot of the fat-free yogurt/ berries for snacks and stayed pretty on track food wise. To be honest with you, I did have a few drinks here and there, but I never got too crazy!  You know… when you get a tattoo for the first time (on your ribs), you just need to calm the nerves with one pint… It’s fine, I was fine!

I was super proud of myself for resisting MOST of the temptations (when you get a homemade rhubarb-apple crisp, you have to try it once, or twice – just saying). I brought my scale with me during my trip so I could stay on track with my daily fasted weigh in’s and see how I was fluctuating. All in all, I did NOT too bad for going home for 10 days and having family BBQ’s, going to a Culinary Festival, a Birthday Party, ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI, Brewery Tour, go to a friends restaurant, and more! It was so much fun and I played it pretty smart!

Weeks 14 & 15

When it came to Week 14 was my check in’s during our trip and it was kind of hard to see any change. Not sure if it was lighting, busy gym background, different bikini, holding extra water from travel – not too sure. But we kept the macros the same (just with no re-feed that week – can you hear me crying?). I was bloated from travelling, plus my digestion decides to stop working when I leave home (it’s great…). Going forward from these check in’s I was excited to keep pushing!  Once we landed we got our kiddos, had lunch, put them down for a nap and I went straight to the gym to get my cardio in on the Stairmaster, and sprints to follow! It felt SO GOOD getting those in after a day of flying.

Week 14

Week 14


It was during WEEK 15 where I started to notice my motivation was severely lacking, I was tired waking up at 3:30 AM again (after sleeping in until 7 AM our time, every day since we didn’t bring the kids, and staying up until midnight almost every night). My clock was totally off! I then started noticing that I was grouchy, and just overall exhausted. My body needed REST, but I just kept pushing through. It showed in my weekly check-in’s.




Week 15 Check-In’s

My WEEK15 check-ins were disappointing to see in terms of progress. Holding onto water from travel didn’t lose anything from the previous week, and stress was at an all-time high. I know that I need to find the positive in every situation, but when you’re prepping, your ultimate goal is to see progress, or at least KNOW that you are progressing forward. Your goal is to lose fat and lean down, so when you go backward or see no changes, it can get frustrating.


It got to the point where I even considered stopping prep altogether because I was scared it was messing up my mental state completely. This also happened right when things on our truck, pool pump, and more things starting breaking EVERYWHERE it seemed, also right when my son’s school tuition was due. So we needed to put the $$$ elsewhere, rather than into my competition. However, after a good nights sleep, talking with family, and re-assessing my goals – we got that shit all FIGURED OUT! (HALLELUJAH)




Not going to lie, there was one day where I seemed really down, and almost felt a bit depressed. This prep can really mess with a person’s head and you have to be careful. Luckily, I realized I was only exhausted, stressed about adulting/deadlines, and SUPER constipated (TMI? I don’t care haha). With all of those happening ALL AT THE SAME TIME, it really took a toll on me – mentally and physically!

With so many people who reached out to me on Instagram and Facebook with such loving/motivating/supportive comments – my mindset was turned right around and my flame was LIT again. Holy cow- all of you are AMAZING and I want to say THANK YOU for being there and supporting me!








MOVING ON from week 15 and going into week 16, I can happily say that I am back to a healthy state of mind, and ready to CRUSH it. I received my shoes so I am SUPER DUPER pumped to practice posing in them and use them in my check-in’s going forward! My bikini is being made as we speak and should be ready mid-AUGUST! WOOOOP!

We DID decide to move my show back to November (instead of Sept 21) to give me more time to be lean and mean for my first ever competition! This then makes me #13WEEKSOUT!




I hope you guys FORGIVE me for keeping you in the dark for the last MONTH (crazy how time flies like that)! I promise I’ll have Weeks 16-17 up in 2 weeks!

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