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11 WEEKS OUT from my very first competition. Wondering how it’s going? I know the last few updates have been super positive and motivating, but this post I’m going to make sure I let you know about the struggles I have been facing and the many cons of prepping.

I want to be honest with you all, and make sure I’m not sugar coating things every single time I update you on how my prep has been going!

Facing Tempations

These last two weeks have been hard in terms of sticking to macros, and making sure I hit my numbers, not going over, not taking that bite my child tries to feed me (over and over and over again). It’s f**king HARD.  Yes, sticking to macro’s in general is hard, and it’s difficult most days now that my carbs are even lower, but what I’m talking about right now, is that it’s hard to say no to my kids and it’s hard for me to show them that I don’t want to eat that bite or have that treat with them. I am ADAMANT about teaching them a healthy lifestyle, and to be balanced in life with food and exercise. However, with this prep, it’s bringing me to show them a little bit more restriction, and I’m not liking that part very much. I don’t want them seeing me stress over food, or over a scale (I actually never weigh myself in front of them). I just want them to see that you can balance a treat in, and eat healthy etc. It’s just hard when I’m on prep.


It doesn’t help we had three birthdays and our wedding anniversary within the last few weeks, so I have had a bite or two of cake, or tried that yummy pizza/dessert. I try not to stress over things like that but I know with being on prep, we have to be so disciplined and know that all those bites add up, and you just know you aren’t fully bringing your best package to the stage if you keep that up.

Pro’s vs. The Con’s

We all know that there are going to be lows and highs with this sport and that you are going to face struggles while prepping. While prepping there are definitely pro’s, such as being lean and ripped, seeing the big changes week to week, the bikini, the glam, the stage, the sparkly heels etc.

However, there are definitely some big cons to this extreme sport. For me, I have faced the exhaustion, the hangry-ness, the food/drink temptations, constantly thinking about when you’re going to eat next, having to go to bed early to avoid night snacking that aren’t necessarily on your MFP menu for the day, the insane amount of DISCIPLINE this sport takes, not going out to restaurants, or ordering a plain ass chicken salad for dinner, and the list goes on! I’m sure later on in this prep I’ll have some more for you to read about!  haha But that’s when you just have to remember your WHY and remember that in X number of weeks, you’re going to eat the shit out of that donut, or that big fatty burger and it will be worth it! 🙂

That’s where I have been struggling lately, and I just wanted to open up to you guys about it. Just being honest 🙂

Progressing Forward

The last few weeks have brought some changes to my physique, though! And I am proud! I’ve stuck with all my workouts, got all my steady state, and sprints in too. I would have maybe seen more progress if I dropped my carbs again like I was supposed to, but for some reason, I missed that memo? Haha! Not worried about it though, I fixed them for the upcoming weeks and we are rocking and rolling into week 12!



One week difference!




11 Weeks DONE!


I had my first ever posing session in with my amazing coach/posing coach and I have been practicing ever since! I am happy to report my posing HAS improved! haha, Check my Instagram for my last posing video fail. It was not pretty.

Here is my progress since starting prep:

Struggles Ahead

We are off to CANADA to visit my family for TEN DAYS on Wednesday, so I know there will be some temptations/struggles ahead while traveling. I will be mindful, try and stick to my macros as best I possibly can and get my workouts in – all while enjoying my family and friends! I know my family supports me and my decision to compete, so I’m not too worried about it. We will workout and track macro’s together! 🙂

It is very rare that we get to travel without kids so this will be a great vacation for me and my husband! We are EXCITED!

•  •  •

Stay tuned for a blog post about PREPPING WHILE ON VACATION – I think I’ll write one up when we get back on tips on how to stick to your plan, and stay motivated while on vacation!


XOXO, Nicole Hunter Signature



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