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I am THREE weeks into my official cut, and I am excited to say it out loud! I am really excited for where this will take me. If you didn’t read the main Road To The Stage page, I’m not too sure when I will be competing – but I am starting a cut and seeing where it will take me!

I’ve had the goal for a long time to at least ONE TIME step on a competition stage, and I finally thought – why the hell not now?! What am I really waiting for exactly? More time? NO. If anything I should do it now before my kids get all busy with school, and more activities.. right? The time is now.

I was done my bulk a while ago, and I was trying to cut by myself but nothing was happening. My workouts felt weak and sucky, and I was losing all motivation. I was in a really deep rut and I wasn’t sure how to get out of it! I kept pushing every day, but I felt like I was just going through the motions.

I had SO MANY THINGS going on, outside of the gym, that I was being spread so thin trying to do all the things – yet I felt like I was getting absolutely nothing done. I couldn’t focus on one single task, and the motivation to get into my gym was seriously lacking, all because I thought I should be getting other things on my list done. I was just stressed all the time because I wasn’t finishing my to-do list.

SO, I’ve made some changes. I’ve simplified my work life, and I feel like I can finally focus. I simplified my to-do list, and I am focusing on what I really want in life. Only the things that will get me closer to where I want to be, business-wise!


I started this prep heavier than I had wanted – because of all of that (above). But hey, that is LIFE, right? Shit happens.

I probably won’t share with you my specific weight for a bit, just because I want to show you guys that weight does not matter – it’s all about the progress you’re making everywhere else. Since the beginning of this cut, I still weigh about the same. However, you can see a difference in my pictures.




I will try to update you guys weekly, if not every couple of weeks – but you KNOW I’ll be posting daily over on my Instagram! So be sure to follow me there too 🙂



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