Big Changes!

It’s finally time for the next #PREPDATE post! I feel like it’s taken forever for it to get here!

The last two weeks I have had a MAJOR change-up to my routine! Instead of working out in my garage, I joined Planet Fitness down the street! $1 down, and $9.99 a month – can’t beat that price!

They have great equipment, this location is BRAND NEW so it is nice and clean, and well-kept! I try to be there by 4:15AM at the latest, so the crowd isn’t too … crowdy haha. It’s just been great! Great for my lifts, great for my cardio game (hello Stairmaster), and great for my MOOD! Getting out of the house to do something for me has been really good for me. I’ve been lifting in my garage gym the last 3+ years, and I work from home with my kiddos – so this is a nice little change-up!

Since joining PF, I can see a HUGE difference in my conditioning – by using the Stairmaster for my steady state!  These last two weeks I was doing 3 sessions/week at 35 minutes each! Yes, I got caught up on some Netflix shows Haha! (It makes it go by fast!)


WEEK 8 ——> WEEK 10


I have officially lost 11 pounds since starting prep in April – and I am feeling awesome! I think this right here, is an attainable weight for me to keep year-round after my competition. Right now is where I feel the best about my physique and the happiest. I also feel healthy AF, and I still have my strength!

I know that moving forward, my physique is not going to be my usual lifestyle or my year-round goal.

I posted on my Instagram this morning a little PSA to everyone, and I think I’m going to post it here as well. I just want everyone to know that this is NOT A LIFESTYLE – and you should never try to achieve this kind of cut/physique for your year-round goal/lifestyle. This is a sport. An extreme sportnot a reality.


Progress Update:



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