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This is such a cool journey to be on! I remember thinking about competing back in 2015/2016 and saying to myself “you’ll never get there”, or “that’s not YOU, why would you think you can do that?”

Looking Back

A LOT can change in a few years. I’m telling you! I truly believe that if you DREAM it and really manifest in it, it will happen. I have had so many things happen to me over the past couple years that if I would have thought about those things happening to me back in early 2000’s – I would have laughed right in your face.

I was the quiet, shy type who just stuck to herself. I had a few awesome friends, and stuck with them. I didn’t venture out to make 20 other friends (because: quality over quantity. #AmIRight?)

I always believed I would just get some job and live my life in Saskatoon, Canada. Oh how that changed quickly.

Let’s take a looksy, shall we?

  • I surprised myself by moving all the way to Arizona, from a small town of 2400 pepole in Canada, to go to University (by myself).
  • I surprised myself by getting married at 21 & getting pregnant at 22.
  • I surprised myself when I lost 30 pounds after having our first babe.
  • I surprised myself again staying fit during the second pregnancy and only gaining 24 pounds.
  • I surprised myself again when I won 1k in an online challenge and became an Ambassador.
  • I surprised myself again when I decided to let that go, and start my own legit business.
  • I surprised myself again when I created not one, but TWO books for people to purchase.
  • And here I am in 2018, surprising myself again because I am committing to a Bikini competition and going through prep!

ISN’T THAT CRAZY?! It’s crazy to think about how many things in my life have changed since 2008.

However, they didn’t just randomly change. Every single one of those bullet points, I dreamed of, and I manifested them. I dreamed of finding my love and getting married, I dreamed of having 2 kids close together, I dreamt of being the fittest I could be, or to have a fit pregnancy. I pushed myself! No matter what. I dreamt of creating online e-books for people to purchase and for me to teach them how to lift and love themselves!

I DID THAT. Isn’t that so cool to think about.


To get back on track to my Week 6-7 #PREPDATE (haha), these two weeks have been great!!

I went to the river with family through Week 6 and stuck to my macros like a BOSS. It took some planning and some self discipline but it happened. I brought my scale, food scale, took a look at my snack options, what we were having for meals, and just played it really smart. I did have a drink or two (untracked) but I didn’t let it ruin my progress. I didn’t stress about it and I went on with my life.

I got all my cardio in easily because they have a stationary bike in their garage, and I did a few workouts with the weights that they had. I was still recovering from my bad back tweaking that I did in Week 5, so I was still playing it safe!

Week 7 has been going well too! I have been diligent on sticking my my macros, I had a refeed day (I got some extra carbs on the Friday – hello Oreos!) and I was down 2 lbs and a NEW LOW on Saturday!

I am finding it SO COOL to watch how the body responds to things. It blows my mind that even though I took 5 days completely off, didn’t lift too hard for another week and I am still seeing amazing progress.

Nutrition plays such a HUUUUUGE roll – it is incredible. We are always so caught up on the workout out part but I truly believe its 80/20. 80% being nutrition, and 20% being your exercise.

Progress Update

This is my progress pictures thus far! Seeing changes, increasing my tan (;) ) and feeling GREAT!! (scroll over the picture for what weeks these are from!)

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