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I know what you’re thinking, here she goes with another crazy idea. I get it. Sometimes I bet it seems like I have all these big ideas and sometimes they don’t exactly fall through completely – BUT, sometimes they DO! For example, working with fitness apparel companies/ skin care lines/ nutrition companies/ fitness groups/ fitness challenges/ freelance work/ real estate….etc. I get it – there can be a lot going on with me sometimes. Trust me, I know.  HAHA

My way of thinking about all of this is, why the hell not? When I have dreams and ideas that pop into my head, or very specific dreams that I have had on my mind for a long time – there is usually a very high chance that I’m going to try my best to follow through with it!


Have you ever had a big dream or that one crazy idea that you thought only in your wildest dreams could you ever accomplish it? Maybe it was a dream where you can’t really see yourself actually doing it, but you know deep down it is a big goal for you in your life. Either way, if you don’t even try to pursue that idea or dream that you had, all you’re ever going to wonder is “what if…”

WHAT IF you took that one step towards that big goal of yours? Where would you be today if you took that leap? What if I told you that taking little steps forward every single day, would eventually bring you closer to that big goal?



For me, I’ve had this dream to step on stage to compete in a bodybuilding show, or a bikini competition for years. YEARS. I google it, I search it, I Pinterest that shit! I scroll on Instagram and follow a lot of people who compete – it has always been a dream of mine. I have always respected those who compete, because we all know that it is NOT easy.

I used to think I would never get to that physique. That I would never be able to follow through with it. I’m too tall. I’m too this, too that. But HELL – That is not true. I mean yes.. I STILL have those thoughts. Daily. I think about how hard it’s going to be to be so damn strict with my nutrition while being a mom and a wife, and keeping balance.

The thing is… we are all capable of following our ideas and big dreams – no matter the size. If you want to have this dream job, or work for yourself, own a gym, write a book – do it. Believe in yourself and make that shit happen.


My point is, is that I have had this dream/ bucket list “item” for years now and I can’t think of why exactly I am not going for it. Do I think I have no time on my hands, or that I am just incapable of succeeding at it? I know that I have the discipline to do this, I have done it before for a fitness challenge. I was strict and followed my plan to a T – stuck to my nutrition to the T.


I decided to just go for it. That’s just it.

My motto has been “get comfortable being uncomfortable” since 2015. I love to get out of that stupid comfort zone of mine, and keep growing as a person inside and out.

You are never going to witness major changes in your life (inside or outside of fitness) if you stay in that little bubble called your comfort zone.

It’s time to go for it. Right here, right now. Or else I’m going to forever wonder WHAT IF? “What if I actually followed my dreams and went for it – where would I be right now? What would I have learned?”


Failure is always possible. But how will you know what you are truly capable of if you don’t even try? Yes, you might fail but at least you will know that you tried, or what you are capable of doing!

For me, this is something I have been wanting to do for a long time so I am willing to put myself out there, get out of my comfort zone and DO the damn thing. So what if I fail? At least I know I tried.


When I think of a bikini competition, I think of the words: sacrifice, dedication, commitment and strength.

I’m going to have to sacrifice going out and eating whatever I want off the menu, or ordering a big ice-cold beer. I’ll have to really dial in my macros and make sure I am being consistent and hitting them every single day.

This sport takes a lot of strength and dedication, and I really do believe I have both of those! I am so excited for this journey – I hope you guys are too!


I would love to have your support with this and would love for you to follow a long in my journey!

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