what are you waiting for?!


You know, when I started this whole fitness journey – I just wanted to lose weight, and honestly just be ‘skinny’. Most of my high-school years and college years I wasn’t ever that fit girl or ‘skinny’ girl. Yes, I always played sports and I was in not too shabby shape, but I never looked how I really wanted to look or how society was telling me to look. At 6 foot 1, it’s hard to lose weight, and it’s hard to gain muscle. There is a LOT of distance between my toes and my head. My limbs and muscles are way longer than the average woman!

Ever since I started lifting that whole mindset that I had for years and YEARS, has changed COMPLETELY. Now I just look at it as I want to be strong. How can I be stronger? How can I pick this bar dead up off the floor, and keep increasing the weight each week? How can I manipulate my macros to adjust how I feel, how I fuel my workouts, how I can make my body composition change completely.

Lifting weights, and eating the right kinds and AMOUNT of food is so amazing for your body – and I really do wish everyone could experience this at least once in their life. I want to help people do that! It’s the whole reason I am starting online training, making e-books and offering macro coaching!

I want everyone to feel the amazing feeling of empowerment, strength and the feeling that YOU can do ANYTHING!


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