Do you stress out when you travel? Like any human, stress, and traveling is normal. Making sure you pack everything you need, getting your passports ready, making sure you check in RIGHT AWAY so you get the best seat possible, security checkpoints, finding your gate/running to your gate. The list goes on and on.

The last thing I like to think about is finding something healthy to eat in a hurry while I am running through the airport. ESPECIALLY while trying to stick to my macro’s, or like a few weeks ago- traveling on prep at two weeks out. No Bueno.

I packed a few essentials to get me through the ENTIRE day of traveling, and honestly, it brought my stress levels WAY down. I knew that I could be fueled whenever I got hungry, that I could focus on finding that dang gate, instead of rushing into a restaurant to buy some greasy food that will inevitably make me bloated and uncomfortable on the plane. Again, no bueno.

I know that sometimes you have to forget about tracking and being diligent with your nutrition, and just have balance with it all.  I totally get that! Go out to eat and have a bomb ass meal if that’s what you would like to do and enjoy your trip! You go, sista!

HOWEVER, there are some peeps that have to stick to certain macro’s/protocols while traveling and that is the sole reason I made up this list of macro-friendly/plane-friendly foods to bring! 🙂 I also need foods like this in my bag, because my guts get so messed up with traveling alone, that sticking to foods my body knows and loves, is what makes ME feel good.

So stay with me here, haha!


Here are my TOP favorite snacks to bring when I travel. PLUS all of these foods are plane-friendly and SHOULD make it through security in your carry-on bag!



rice cakes and pb

This snack gives you those simple carbs, some protein and a great source of healthy fats to keep you feeling full and satiated! Please keep in mind other passengers before opening and eating this snack on a plane. There MAY be a passenger with a severe nut allergy, so please make sure with the flight attendant before opening your nut butter packets, that there is no one with a nut allergy on the plane!

(I was recently on a plane with someone with this allergy, and I am SO glad they said something because I was about to have this as my snack! It had to wait til we got off the plane!)



pro-oats copy

A perfect combo of healthy carbs, and making sure you get your protein in! I love to use instant oatmeal packets on the plane because A) they’re easy to pack B) fill me up with yummy carbs C) easy to make ON the plane. I love the lower sugar instant oatmeal by Quaker, or the brand Better Oats instant oatmeal that I found at Target!

I make sure to bring a container and lid in my carry on so I can simply ask the flight attendant for a cup of HOT water. I pour my dry oats into my container and then mix in my hot water. Next thing I do is put the lid ON the container and let it sit for a few minutes (stirring occasionally to check for my desired thickness). After it’s done, I pour in my protein powder and mix it up! Sometimes it will need a splash of water to mix it in fully so make sure to save some of that hot water for this step. Once it is all mixed together, grab your spoon and enjoy!

You may get some weird stares like I do when I do this, but honestly, I bet they’re just thinking “I should have done that instead of spending all this money on this tiny airplane meal. What a great idea!” Don’t be afraid to make or bring your own meals on the plane or when you travel. It’s cheaper, faster, and for me, it’s just better for my guts!

I loved using these Protein 4 Oats from PEScience. They come in YUMMY flavors that will compliment your oatmeal flavors SO well. They are also specifically made FOR oatmeal, so they mix in very nicely.



pretzels blog

This one is easy to find anywhere whether you are driving and stop at a gas station, or you’re in an airport or even on the plane. Pretzels are a great source of carbs that you can easily snack on throughout your day of travel.



protein bars

Protein bars are always a STAPLE for me and my family when traveling anywhere. They’re fast, easy and usually a good balance for carbs, fats, and proteins. They’re also fricken DELICIOUS. I love protein bars, period.

Especially these new Signature Protein bars from They sent me some from a giveaway and me and my husband are now hooked. (They’re also 15% on a box of these right now, or Buy 1 Get 1 free for the single bars.)



turkey jerky

Jerky is a great source of protein, and usually low in fat and carbs if you pick the right ones! I recommend finding an all natural, lower sodium brand like the one above to avoid the CRAZY HIGH sodium some jerky can have. I also recommend finding a turkey jerky, over a beef jerky to keep your fats a little lower!




Now you can’t forget about your healthy fats! Almonds are a GREAT snack for any type of travel (or any day EVER) because they’re quick and easy. I like to find these packaged almonds for traveling so then I know exactly how much I am eating. When I get a big bag I find myself just taking handfuls and then I have no CLUE what I just ate for macros! These are an awesome source of healthy fats and protein! I also try to grab the Low Sodium version just to keep my sodium lower. Traveling alone makes me swell and bloat, so I try to lower my sodium intake through my food choices.



tuna packets.jpg

These packets may weird you out at first like they with did me, but they are SO GOOD. They taste awesome and they’re SUPER simple to bring anywhere. They get through airport security just fine – just make sure you tell them you have it and you will be golden. They come in so many different flavors and are a great source of protein and some of them even include a spoon! I also tried the one with Rice & Beans (pictured above) and it helped me reach my carb goals for the day as well! Definitely don’t knock these until you actually try them!


7. WATER!!!


Always, always, always get your water in! Traveling takes a lot out of the body whether it be by car or by airplane, so please make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated. I try to aim for 1-1.5 gallons of water when I travel, even if it forces me to use the tiny, weird smelling airplane bathroom. It ALWAYS makes me feel better on the inside when I hit that goal while traveling.

Water is also free, so if  you are traveling by airplane, bring your water bottle (empty through security) and ASK the bars/restaurants to fill it for you before you board your flight. Do not go and buy water bottles from the (very) pricey airport stores. Please do not do that, haha!

• • •

Safe travels wherever you may be going, and I hope your belly is happy and healthy during your trip! 🙂

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XOXO, Nicole Hunter Signature




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