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It has been a hot MINUTE since I wrote anything for you guys – and I am truly sorry for that! However, I am working on my NASM Certified Personal Training course right now and really putting my all into that! I will be taking my exam in the next few weeks which I am so pumped and ready for! I can’t wait to tell you all about my future plans with that. It’s pretty exciting! 🙂

For this post, it’s just going to be a short quick post with the exercises that I did and a little video that I made for my social. I’ll be creating an ab workout and a delts workout for you guys very soon!


For this booty day workout, I started off with my regular glute activation warm up! I like to do some resistance band/tube work. You can find more information on that HERE.

Lets get into it:

4 SETS x 12 REPS for EACH exercise:
Sumo Deadlift
Romanian Deadlift
HEAVY Hip Thrusts
Walking Lunges
Lying Hamstring Curls
HIGH Box Step Up (I did 30 inches)

I did this exact workout on Tuesday, and now that it is Thursday it hurts to walk around my house and sit down haha!

That’s it guys! Tag me in your Instagram and let me know how you liked it!

Want more workouts? Ya gotta show me some love and tell me! 🙂


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