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Build a Sustainable Lifestyle

I made this at-home program with you in mind. I know exactly how it is running from appointments, to work, to events, to other appointments and the list goes on. A lot of us just don’t have the time to spend 2 hours at the gym getting our workouts in, as well as our cardio sessions. 

My program is quick and efficient so you can get your WHOLE workout done in under one hour.

No more wasting time.

Did I mention I have included all your Nutritional needs as well? With a customized macronutrients (protein, carb, fat) calculation for your specific goals, you will have ALL YOU NEED to maximize your health and fitness goals.

No more restrictive eating!


Strength Training

12 weeks of strength training that you can complete at-home. With minimal equipment one hour or less of your time, we can make sure we reach your goals.


Sustainable Lifestyle

Build a sustainable lifestyle through macro tracking. Learn how many Carbs, Proteins & Fats YOUR body needs for your own specific goals. You will learn flexible dieting and eating to fuel your body, all while still enjoying your favorite foods and no restricting.



No more wasting time on those cardio machines. I have incorporated the cardio INTO the daily workouts so we stay efficient. The weeks also include one high intensity Plyometric workout!

It’s been a month since I started doing Nicole’s workouts and I measured myself again. I’ve lost 2 inches on my bust, waist, and chest. So that makes me super happy!


Lost 6 inches in 2 mo.

My Approach

If you’re going to do this, and I mean really do this, you need to do it right. What’s the point in starting a quick fix or fad diet when as soon as you stop that diet, you gain it all back? This is not a diet. This is where you will learn to have a sustainable lifestyle. You will be able to do this your whole life and still make great progress each month. You will just have to put the work in at the beginning, and I promise you it will all be worth it

Take the First Step

Are you ready to commit to yourself and invest in yourself? Invest in your health?

All you need is that first step, and that will open up the door to sustainability for the rest of your life.

I will be right here with you, every step of the way. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Even More Details!

How long are the workouts?

Usually around 45 minutes long. However, it depends on the day/muscle group – for me, leg day usually is the longest!

How many weeks is the program?

The program is 12 weeks long, but if you need to take extra rest days there is no harm in stretching it out to 16 or 20 weeks long!

You do you, babe!

is nutritional help included?

There are pages dedicated only to Nutrition, and me helping you calcualate your own custom macronutrients for your own specific goals. Follow these, and you’ll be maximizing your results with this program. Fueling your body properly is crucial to seeing awesome progress!

What equipment do I need?
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Jump Rope
  • Kettlebell
  • Bench/Box/Step
What do the weeks look like?

12 weeks of workouts, broken down into 5-day strength training split, with one Plyometric cardio circuit day each week, and the 7th day is for rest and recovery.

What all is included?
  • 12 weeks of strength training workouts & cardio included
  • Workout log for each day to track your progress
  • Customized macronutrient calculator for your goals
  • Macronutrients log for each phase to keep you organized
  • Reverse dieting information
  • Supplements I recommend
  • “Smart Foods” that I recommend
  • Progress/measurement log for each phase to keep you organized
  • Training videos on my YouTube channel for every exercise
  • Access to the NHF Online Facebook (Private) Community
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