sculpt your body

Lean DOWN & Sculpt Your Body

High Intensity Interval Training is perfect for blasting fat, and sculpting out that muscle!

This program is meant to get you in and out of your sneakers in 25 minutes or less.

Time to sweat it out & tone UP!

You can add this program on top of any other program that you are doing. It is 8 weeks of HIIT workouts, and a workout log to help you keep track and progress each week.

I have just completed my first Day of Intensify HIIT. I did a small warmup and then 8 rounds of the first week HIIT and some abs. It took me an hour and got my heart rate up to 145 (which is perfect for HIIT Training Nicole tells me) so great job on that Nicole. Really enjoyed the workout and look forward to completing the training. It is a great addition to the weight training workouts! LOVE LOVE LOVE. You wont be disappointed if you try it.


(verified owner)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the workouts?

20-25 minutes!

How many weeks is the program?

8 weeks. Progressing from 1 HIIT workout a week, to 3 HIIT workouts.

However, you can stretch it out as long as you need to!

is nutritional help included?

No, but I have nutrition included in the home edition!

What equipment do I need?
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettlebell
  • Box/Bench
  • Mat Optional
  • Jump Rope


What do the weeks look like?

1 HIIT workout per week to 3 HIIT Workouts per week!

What all is included?
  • 8 Weeks
  • Each HIIT Workout is Different
  • Get It Done In 20-25 Minutes
  • You Can Add It To Any Workout Program/Regimen You Are Doing RIGHT NOW
  • Workout Log For EACH HIIT Workout
  • Access to the Private FB Group


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