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Happy Wednesday you guys!!! I hope you had such an awesome Christmas and that you were surrounded by your loved ones! I am up here in Canada with my WHOLE family, loving life and spending good quality time with my everyone. Card games, drinks, snowboarding, sledding and tubing is all going down this week while we are in the mountains – it is soooo much FUN!

I wanted to write-up this blog post for you guys because it is SO important to warm those glutes up EVERY SINGLE LEG DAY. Every time. I’m not joking you guys. I start out all of my leg days with this exact routine below, varying the band strengths for each exercise or however my legs are feeling that day. 

It is important to get those muscle fibers firing, and the blood pumping into those glutes before you start your workout. Activating those glutes beforehand can really help you to engage them during your squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc. which will then enhance those lifts and make them even better!


1. Banded Side Steps

This is the first exercise I always start with. I wrap the band around my shins and side step down my garage one way, and then return to the other side facing the same way. Squat down into position and move the left foot out, following by moving the right foot in (the right foot should move the same distance that you moved the left foot). Keep the tension in the band and feel the burn! I like to do 15-20 steps per leg.

2. Banded Front Walks

I keep the band around my shins and as I step forward, I keep the tension in the band always. I then bring my foot forward and push out, and repeat with the other leg.

3. Banded Back Walks

Same as the Banded Front Walks, but only in reverse 🙂

4. Banded Kick Backs

Hold the wall, or a bar in front of you and keep the band around your shins. With the tension still in the band, kick one foot back using your GLUTES only. Keep your back and neck neutral throughout the whole movement. You want to feel this in the glutes, and only the glutes. I like to do 20 per leg.

5. Banded Hip Thrusts

Move the band around your quads, and place your shoulder blades on a bench. You’ll want your feet shoulder width apart, with your toes slightly pointed outward. Perform body-weight hip thrusts (be sure that your legs are at a 90º angle with the floor). I like to do these until my glutes are burning, so rep range may vary. Be sure to engage your glutes at the bottom and use them to bring your body up.

6. Banded Clam

This is the last and final exercise that I like to do. Laying on your side, keep the band around your quads. Bend your legs so they’re at a 90º angle with your body and lift your top knee up like a clam shell. I like to do 15-20 on each leg.


Let me know what you guys think and if you give it a try! You’re glutes are going to thank you!

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