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Do you crave ice cream but hate the calories and sugar that are bound to come with it? I crave a good ice cream every once in a while – I’m human! However, my usually GO-TO is Halo Top Creamery brand. It is high in protein, lower in carbs and sugar, and they’re all pretty tasty so they get rid of that craving that I was having. Which is awesome!

The only thing is, it’s usually 5-6 dollars per little PINT, and you know I’m going to fit that whole pint into my macros for a big treat at the end of the day. That makes for one expensive snack!

Insert my homemade PROTEIN ice cream:



The picture above, honestly, wasn’t even the FULL serving of ice cream, or the full serving of coconut either (for picture purposes, I used what fit into this nice white bowl haha)!  It is SUPER easy to make and you only need a FEW ingredients. I can’t get over how simple it is really! The amount of ingredients you use vs. what you actually get after you make it, is mind-blowingly awesome, too!


(Coconut Protein Ice Cream is COMING SOON…)



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