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Rice/Pasta: How Do I Track It?

Did you know that how you track your meat (in my last post) is very similar to how you should be cooking and weighing out your rice as well? This goes for any pasta as well!

If you’ve been tracking with measuring cups, or just measuring out your cooked rice with the grams and macros that are on the back of the rice bag – keep on reading! I’m about to tell you how to be as accurate as possible with cooking your rice!

Uncooked vs. Cooked

As you are cooking your rice, the weight of it all is actually increasing as it soaks up that water. Plus, most of the entries in My Fitness Pal, or on packaging of rice or pasta is the uncooked weight of it. If you’re measuring out 45g of your cooked rice like the back of the packaging says is one serving, you’re actually cheating yourself out of a lot of rice and carbs.

The weight of the rice/pasta changes, but so does the SIZE of the pasta. so if you’re trying to measure with measuring cups – I wouldn’t.  Every time you cook your rice/pasta, its going to be different. So measuring it EACH time you cook it is crucial, if you are wanting to be accurate.


If you’re just making one serving, go ahead and measure it DRY, and cook it. Easy as that! However, if you’re making a bulk batch of rice, let me help you figure out how to properly weigh it out and track it!

How to Weigh / Track Rice

I always start by weighing out my uncooked rice. I put my pot on my scale, and then I turn it on so the scale reads ZERO. I then put the rice into the pot and I always write that number down first.


Once I have the UNCOOKED WEIGHT down in grams (which was 782g), I throw it in my rice cooker! While that is cooking away I start preparing my little note pad with how I’ll calculate the cooked serving size!

I go by what the packaging says usually, or what MFP says one serving size is. For me, this my Blue Ribbon White Rice had a serving size of 145g for one serving. I now take my starting weight of uncooked rice (782g), and divide that by 45g, to find out how many servings I am actually cooking all together. Which turned out to be 17 servings total! (see below)


Once the rice is all done cooking, I put a container on my scale and turned it on so it read ZERO again. I put all of my cooked rice into that container and wrote down how many grams my cooked rice weighed! (2055g)


Once I know my cooked weight, I now divide that number by how many serving sizes I am cooked (which was 17 servings). Doing this is going to tell me my new serving size to use with my cooked rice!


My new serving size for my COOKED rice is 121g. That is one whole serving of my rice. So what once was 45g Raw, is now 121g cooked.

When I go ahead and enter it into MFP when I am going to have it for a meal, I actually leave the uncooked measurement in! I scan my label and it comes up with Blue Ribbon White Rice, one serving as 45g.



When I go to make my meal up, all I measure out is that 121g of COOKED rice. You do not want to weigh out 45g of your cooked rice. That will leave you angry and hungry haha!

If I want to have 1.5 servings of cooked rice, I simply change my MFP “Number of Servings” to 1.5. Then I just multiply 121g by 1.5 and put 182g of cooked rice onto my plate!

I keep that little sticky note on the side of my fridge so I don’t forget my new serving size, and every time I want to have some cooked rice, I can reference that and I know the exact amount to measure!

It is as SIMPLE as that! I hope that didn’t confuse you, but when you’re wanting to get detailed and be super accurate with your macros this is the way! Measure before, and after and a little bit of simple math in between. 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions, OR if you’d like me to help you weigh out and track something else 🙂

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