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Progressive Overload For Muscle Growth

Let’s talk Progressive Overload for a second. If you’re wanting to gain some muscle size and overall get stronger – you can’t stick to the same weights, same reps/sets all the time. Read on if you’re interested in how you can get some more gains!

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1 – INCREASE YOUR RESISTANCE. You have to increase the demand that you place on your muscles by increasing your weights. Each week try and increase.

2 – INCREASE REPS. If you are unable to increase your weights each week, try increasing your rep range. Try and stick to an 8-12 rep range for building that muscle.


3 – INCREASE YOUR SETS. Again, if you’re unable to increase weights, or even reps, try adding in an extra set to the mix. You’ll be placing more demands on your muscle tissue this way as well!

4 – REST TIMES. The time you take in between your sets could be decreased. This can also help in progressive overload.

5 – INCREASE FREQUENCY. Add in a second leg day, or a second bicep day if you find a muscle lagging, or find it is a weaker muscle. Don’t get crazy though, keep it to 2-3 a week for a short period of time.

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