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Taking Back Control

I feel like I put on this facade sometimes. A happy face even when things aren’t going as planned. When you think you’re on the road to something and it back-fires, or when you think you’re making progress and yet you don’t see any sort of changes.


I want to be real with you guys and post my struggles, as well as the triumphs. Taking my progress pictures for Phase 2 of the Jessie’s Girls 3k Challenge was not fun for me (usually I make them fun and turn them into my own little photo shoot). I really wanted to post them and be all excited for the changes that were happening, but it just so happens it isn’t going to be that way this time.

My body is still getting used to the change in my macros, it’s holding water from too many drinks the night before, my intensity in the gym has been lacking and it is reflecting into my progress 100%.

I’m posting this to be honest, and for me to be held accountable with you guys. Everybody struggles with this shit.. fitness isn’t easy. If it were – everyone would be doing it.

It’s time for me to buckle down, eat all the food (I’ve been struggling to even hit my macros lately). I need to get my SHIT together and this is it.

I know that life is more than macros, and we need to have balance. And if you know me – I do. I definitely balance it all. However, when you have specific goals for yourself and find yourself making excuses, or your intensity is low, and you’re not making steps towards those particular goals – you’re going to get frustrated. I know I have it in me, but for some reason the motivation isn’t there, and I can’t seem to shake it.



Something I heard recently that I love is, “never track your progress with someone else’s ruler.” Each person’s progress and results are going to be totally different than the next. I feel like I’ve found myself comparing my progress to the next person, or comparing my body to other’s. I’ve been talking about having self-love, and finding self-love again for my readings, and yes – I have found self-love for myself. BUT, that does not mean that it’s easy, or that it sticks around 24/7. We’ll all go through times when we struggle with this.

Taking Control

One thing that keeps me moving and progressing towards my goals, is making smaller goals and staying organized. I’ve noticed even that has lessened, and I’ve stopped planning and organizing me days.

To get that focus back in my life and to feel a little more organized I need to get that back. I need to write down my small goals, as well as my big goals. Organize my day and be more productive.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 9.20.49 AM


I want to get back to my regular blog posts. I noticed when my stats were low it would get me down, and question if I should even write blog posts anymore. What I forgot was WHY I started this blog. I didn’t start this blog to get followers and likes. I started it to get my thoughts out, and to write. I love writing. I want to motivate and inspire people – I want someone to read my blog and say “Because I read that, I didn’t give up!” Stats are silly and they need to just be ignored. They don’t matter.

This is where it all starts.

These are my goals going forward.

  • Blog Often
  • Plan my days out / be productive
  • Practice self-love daily
  • Gallon of water a day – no exeptions
  • ZERO alcohol
  • Crank up the intensity in my workouts
  • Write a workout e-book for you guys
  • Start posting daily workouts

What are some of your goals? I’d love to hear them! Comment below!



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  1. I wasn’t really sure about my goals for this week but have been lacking intensity and macros too! But, now I have totally been inspired and ready to make some small and big goals for this week!

    1. I love hearing this!! You go girl!! 🙂

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