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Weeks 1 – 3!


Seriously though, where have I even been??! I apologize for that, you guys! But, I’ve been studying my BUTT OFF for my NASM CPT (which I take VERY soon – thank goodness). Once that is done, then I’ll be back to regular blog posts and getting started on my Personal Training bizzz!

Let’s talk about the #JESSIESGIRLS3K Challenge!

Weeks 1 and 2 are done and we are almost through with week THREE already! I’ve been hitting my macros dead on and getting a gallon of water in a day, and it feels awesome. It really does! Before this challenge, I was a little ‘lax’ with my macros and there was ZERO cardio going on. I figured I would relax a bit and enjoy the no cardio because I knew that this challenge took a LOT out of me physically and mentally last year, so I let myself step back a bit beforehand just for a little bit this year.

Now I’ve been forcing myself to get up at 4AM to hit the workouts AND the cardio and let me tell you – it’s been hard and I’ve been tired! Honestly though, it feels soooo good to get this routine back in my life. I love having these workouts (and cardio) done for the day! Especially now since all I do is study in my down time – it gives me the day to study and focus on that!

How are these first few weeks going for you guys? I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT in the comments!! Let me know how you are doing! Share alllll the progress and stories pleassseee!!

Here’s a little progress from the end of my bulking phase (November) til now (No cardio vs, all the cardio):


And I put together this little TRX/Ab/HIIT workout today – if you follow me on Instagram (@niicoleamberr) you’ve probably seen it!:


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