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Re-purpose Your Tins!

The awesome thing about Maskcara makeup, is that it is TOTALLY recyclable! How cool is that?! I love that all the makeup is magnetic, and it just snaps right into place in your magnetic compact and you’re good to go. You can change out your makeup compact with your favorite colors, or when they run out you can simply replace them!

A tip I like to give EVERYONE, is that when your tin is running low and cream in the middle of the tin has disappeared, and it’s all along the edges and so hard to get at. Simply place your tin on a flat-iron (on low heat) and watch it melt the cream back into the middle of the tin, making the cream flat again along the bottom! Such a quick, easy fix to making sure you’re using up ALL of your makeup, making sure you aren’t wasting any money!

Once you’ve gotten through your whole tin, and used up all of your cream foundation – its time to order more and get yourself some more color! 🙂

A trick to popping out your old tins, is to use the LID that came with it to pop it out! Use the skinny part of the lid, and slide it in between the tins at the corner, and simply lift it out of the compact! Check out this video on how to do it – “Replacing Your Tins”

But wait, do NOT throw out your old tins, ladies!


Did you know that once you clean out that tin you can use it to store so many other things!

  • Bobby Pins
  • Safety Pins
  • Paper Clips
  • SD Cards
  • Stamps
  • SIM Cards
  • Sewing Needles
  • Small Elastics
  • Mints

Check out this video below,  to show you how! ↓↓↓


Let me know if your skin tone is changing, because we all know its winter and we all lose SOME color! I can help get you a new shade, and get you re-color matched! Complete the form below if you feel your shade is changing, or just need to be color-matched for the first time!

In Natural Lighting (Facing a Window)

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