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IIID Foundation – Explained

Happy Monday you guys!! I hope you had an awesome weekend – the weekend BEFORE CHRISTMAS. What?! Where did this year go? It is crazy to me that it is already the end of the year!

I wanted to write this blog post for a while now because I get asked all the time, “Well what is Maskcara? What makes it so great? Why is it cream?” etc.

I have been using this makeup ever since March 2017, and I haven’t turned back to my old routine ever since.

The contour and highlight creates that IIID look and gives you that dimension in your face. No one has a flat face, so why use only one color of foundation all over like in your old routine. This cream foundation is to help you bring out your cheek bones and your jaw bone, while highlighting under your eyes to brighten up your face and highlight your awesome features that you already have! Add a little Lip & Cheek to add some color and finish your whole look off with a sun-kissed glow with an Illuminator on the tops of your cheek bones!

DSC_0068 copy

Why Cream?

It’s not common, because it usually is characterized with cakey, and thick feeling on the skin. However, this stuff makes it look like a second skin, and makes it look like you’re wearing no makeup at all. The coverage is AMAZING, whether you have red skin, acne, wrinkles, acne scars, it has you covered!


Check out this video of Cara herself explaining why she went with cream!

What Makes Maskcara So Awesome?

What I love about Maskcara Beauty is that it is so compact! All your makeup from your highlight, contour, blush, lips, illuminator, setting powders, bronzers, eye shadows, eyeliner and eyebrows CAN ALL FIT IN ONE COMPACT.

I also love how S I M P L E it is. I love that I can do my face in 10 minutes – but yet look like I had it professionally done! I love that it brings out everyone’s features and doesn’t hide anything – just brings out what you already have going on!


I am in love with all the colors, and how it is all magnetic and totally customization to ME. Everyone is different and has different skin tones and textures – yet this makeup can accommodate each and every one of those!


How Does It Work?

Cara decided to go with the Direct Sales with her product, because she wants to make sure that you are taken care of, and that you have the correct color for your face! Sephora and Ulta both wanted to sell her products, but she turned them down because she wanted to have more a relationship with all of you guys! How amazing is that?!

I will personally color match you so you will get the perfect color for YOUR face – so it takes out all of the guessing for you. I can get you all set up and on your way to a fast, simple, flawless IIID face!

Once you receive your box in the mail, in it will be your compact, your tins of makeup, your tools and a few cards explaining where the makeup should go – like a road map for your face.


You’ll open up your magnetic compact, slide the makeup out of the tin lids and pop your makeup into your new compact! The magnetic compacts are awesome because you can swap out colors, switch them out when they run empty, and when you hold up the compact while doing your makeup, they aren’t going to fall out! Pure genius.

DSC_0053 copy



How Do I Apply It?

Apply this IID foundation with one of the brushes specifically designed for this makeup! Each brush is DOUBLE-ENDED so while you’re highlighting with one side, you can flip and contour with the other. While you’re applying eye shadow with one side, you can flip it and immediately blend it out!

brush collection.jpg

Once you’ve applied it with one of our awesome brushes, blend it out using the Perfector Sponge to assure it is all blended together and seamless! All you have to do is damp the Sponge, and pat it over your face all over your makeup to blend! Easy as that!

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.52.13 AM.png

Here’s a quick easy video on how to apply!

My Skin Loves It!

Ever since using Maskcara IIID Foundation, my time getting ready has cut down tremendously, my confidence in my makeup has increased, people notice and compliment me on my makeup now, and my skin feels so much healthier!

Did you know that Maskcara Makeup is:

  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Recyclable

Say WHAT?! All of that is so awesome – I just love it!

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Or drop me a picture below of your beautiful self, and we can get you your perfect shades for your specific skin tone!

In Natural Lighting (Facing a Window)

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