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Holiday Fit Tips

Halloween hits, and then its Thanksgiving, and then its December! November and December is considered ‘Holiday Season’ and for most of us there are a ton of family gatherings, multiple holiday parties, baking and probably more than a few drinks. Am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, holidays are for being with family and enjoying family time – which includes your family members baking and drinking around the fire or during a round or two of cards. 😉 HOWEVER – when the month of December hits, it’s like people forget that it’s still WEEKS away until Christmas. They think the time between Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years is just an excuse to eat poorly and keep the bad habits going for weeks on end.

Don’t forget about your goals! YES, indulge in all that yummy baking and drinks, but don’t forget to go back to your healthy lifestyle afterwards. You don’t need to be indulging every single day from Thanksgiving to the New Years.. let’s get real here.


1. Protein-Focused Breakfast

For your breakfast, I like to focus on getting in more protein than carbs and fats – only

because I know through out the day or later at night I’ll want to snack on a few things like baking or chips! I like to know that I am getting a lot of my protein right away, because during the holidays and vacations Protein is the first thing that I neglect!

egg whites

Try and have more egg whites than whole eggs, or incorporate some of the left over turkey into your egg omelette, or even have a protein shake. Just get it in ya!

2. Gallon A Day

Try SO hard to keep up with your water intake! I know there will be a lot of other choices for drinks (;) ) but I really want you to try and get your gallon of water in a day! You really want to stay hydrated, especially if you are veering away from your usual foods that you eat everyday. Staying hydrated can also help you to feel satiated as sometimes the feeling of thirst can be confused with the feeling of hunger. NOT saying I want you to drink more water to feel “full” so you eat less – HELL NO – I just want you to stay hydrated, people!

3. Portion Sizes

Keep your portion sizes appropriate and try and eye ball as good as you can. I know you’re not going to be tracking like crazy during the holidays, I’m not even going to do that! This lifestyle is about balance and living your life – so just eye ball and try and be smart about your portion sizes! Get your protein, carbs AND fats in, but don’t go overboard!

4. Lose The Guilt

You’re going to indulge, you’re going to go off of your everyday “diet”. It’s inevitable, it is

going to happen. We need to focus on the meaning of the holidays more-so on how many


macro’s we are eating. This is a memory over macro’s type of holiday (without going totally overboard), so we need to focus on losing the GUILT that comes with over indulging and having those treats that you normally wouldn’t have.

A few days of going off your set macros, and indulging a bit will NOT put you back to where you started in your fitness journey – you will not LOSE everything. The beauty of macro tracking is you can start it up the next day again, so when you’re done ‘Holiday-ing’ jump back on the train and move on.

5. Get Moving

It is so easy to lay around and hang out with your family all day during the holidays. The warm cozy blankets, the hot chocolate, music and warm baking – I mean, come on! I


wouldn’t want to leave that ha ha! But as much fun as that is, you will feel SO much

better if you get yourself moving and groovin! Take a walk during the day or at night and

see all those beautiful lights, get your workout in if you can, go for a bike ride – if weather permits! Anything to get your muscles moving and your blood flowing is a win in my books! I’ll be hitting up the slopes snowboarding a few days this Christmas Holiday, but other than that, I’ll need to think of some ways to keep my body moving. I might run some stairs and get a HIIT workout in, or go swimming in the pool. All I know is I’ll need to keep my body moving to keep myself feeling awesome. If I were to sit around all holiday long, indulging in treats and drinks I don’t think my body would be too happy with me!

Enjoy Yourself

No matter what – enjoy yourself, and enjoy your time off and your FAMILY! Don’t fret over missed macros’, or going over for day or two… or three. You’re normal daily life will come back soon enough and you can jump right back on the wagon. NO BIGGIE.


Memories Over Macros


I hope you guys have an AWESOME holiday season!!!  I’ll try to get more blog posts written up so I can publish them through out the holidays!

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  1. Uggggggh the water! Drinking enough water makes me feel 100% better, but it’s extra hard for me in winter. I gotta step it up!

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