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Top 5 Tips To Getting Your Water In

Years ago I SUCKED at drinking water. I would maybe get one glass in during the day – maybe two. Since then, I’ve learned how important it is for our bodies to GET THAT WATER IN:

  • Increases your energy
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents cramps and sprains
  • Maintains your digestion/regularity
  • Improves your skins complexion
  • Natural headache remedy
  • Helps maximize your physical performance
  • Helps with brain function
  • Helps treat kidney stones
  • Prevents hangovers (we’ve all been there)
  • Aids in weight loss

There are sooooo many benefits to getting that water in every single day. Here are a few of my tips that may help you UP your water intake! 🙂

1. Set A Goal

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.42.26 PM.png

You need to have a GOAL in mind when you start your day. For example, I want to drink 128oz or more in a day. Having a set goal in mind can help you stay on track for your water intake through out the day.

2. UP Your Bottle Size

Water bottle you are current using, UP the size of it! I used to use a 16oz bottle, and now I upgraded to a 32oz jug. If you need more, get a gallon jug! For me, using a 32oz bottle, I know that I need to drink FOUR in one whole day to hit my goal of 128oz (which equals a gallon)! If you need to use a gallon sized jug, mark on your jug 1/4 done, 1/2 done, 3/4 done. This really can help you visualize how much you need to drink throughout your day to stay on track with your intake goal.

3. Use A Straw


Another tip that has helped me out a TON, is to use a straw! Seems like an easy tip, but it really is a game changer. I find that when I don’t have a straw, and it is just a regular top to a bottle I never drink enough! When it is a straw I literally can chug my whole 32oz jug no problemo! Try it out and let me know if this little tip helps you out!

4. The ‘Noon Rule’

“1  2  :  0  0  PM”

I made this little rule for myself, and it really helps me stay on track with my water intake goal! The ‘noon rule’ is where you need to be HALF way to your goal by 12:00pm. Easy as that. If you aren’t there yet by 11:50am, start chuggin my friend! This also helps me to stay on track during the day! When I don’t do that, I find that I sip on #2 and 3 during the rest of my day and I never get to my fourth jug.

5. Infuse Your Water

water name

If you’re still struggling because water is boring to you, or you just suck at drinking water haha, then try infusing your water with lemons and limes (or fruits if you’d prefer)! This can help a ton and also the benefits of lemon/lime in your body is awesome for you, too!

You can also add in a BCAA that has a delicious flavor to your water! These count towards your water intake for the day. If I am doing this, I like to only have 2/4 be mixed with BCAA. I really like to make sure I am getting that pure water in as well! 🙂

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  1. Loved these tips! I was struggle with drinking enough water so this post was super helpful!


    1. YAY!! So glad it helped!

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