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• W E E K 8 •

To be honest – this week… I wasn’t focused, and just was not feeling it. My motivation wasn’t where it was last week, and I felt like I was just going through the motions. I finished up MB2 this weekend and it feels awesome to be through it for the fourth time. However, my heart just wasn’t in it 100% this past week. I am proud of the gains I have made, and the overall progress I have made with MB2, don’t get me wrong – I just wish my mindset was better for my final week.

Going forward, I will be working towards new goals. I’ll update you all with that next week!

• R E C A P •

CARBS: 333g

PRE / POST WORKOUT CARBS: 69g PER pre / post-workout meal

BLOATING?: A little, but probably because of halloween candy. Haha

MOOD: Overall good. Happy with my progress and the gains I have made. Yet, also thinking about/questioning how long to do the bulk for.

WORKOUTS: Finished MB2 for the fourth time – and it feels good. PLUS I got to finish it off with my sister, so that was fun! 🙂  I will be starting MB1 tomorrow and am SO EXCITED – I love Muscle Building 1. I will be taking new progress pictures, and I’m excited to see what changes will be made.

Start to Finish of MB2



• • •

I hope this Bulking Series can help inspire at least one person who may be reading this. I really want to help show to women, that we can gain size and muscle, and still be beautiful. There is no ‘set size’, or ‘one look’ for a women, that defines the word beauty. Everyone and every body is different, and beautiful no matter if you’re bulked, or shredded. So if your goal is to bulk for a few months and gain some muscle size, or if your goal is to cut and get shredded, JUST DO IT. You do you, girl.



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