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• W E E K 6 •

Week S I X already? I feel like I got hosed, and I should be on like, week four due to this whole sickness thing. BUT that doesn’t stop me, and if you know me at all – I’m going to keep chugging along!  — Highlight of this week was meeting Katie Corio at the Phoenix Europa Fit Expo! Such a short, strong, woman! SO gosh darn inspiring! She definitely re-ignited my fire for this bulk!

• R E C A P •

CARBS: 333g – They have been INCREASED this week! I decided to increase 19g carbs this week because I have been at 314g for a while now, and I was actually hungry, and feeling lean! SO I upped them this week and it’s been awesome!

PRE / POST WORKOUT CARBS: 69g PER pre / post-workout meal

BLOATING?: Still no bloating. I think my body is used to high carbs – which I am so thankful for! It’s been going really well!

MOOD: Ready to push and lift heavy. I’ve been pretty frustrated, since I have this cough that is just lingering and won’t go away. It’s really annoying while lifting! If I bend over, sometimes it feels like my lungs are going to fall out of my throat. It gets old after a while picking up weights off the floor, or changing out bumper plates. When I wake up in the morning sometimes I have sharp pains, but they subside after one deep breath (it’s really weird, and probably should get it looked at – but after the one deep breath I’m good to go all day long) .

WORKOUTS: Week 10 of MB2. Feeling good! Still just easing into it, finding my strength again. If something is feeling weak, I do what I can and move on. If something is feeling strong,  I stay and work on that exercise a little longer. Overall feeling pretty well – back to lifting 5-6 days a week!



• • •

I hope this Bulking Series can help inspire at least one person who may be reading this. I really want to help show to women, that we can gain size and muscle, and still be beautiful. There is no ‘set size’, or ‘one look’ for a women, that defines the word beauty. Everyone and every body is different, and beautiful no matter if you’re bulked, or shredded. So if your goal is to bulk for a few months and gain some muscle size, or if your goal is to cut and get shredded, JUST DO IT. You do you, girl.



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