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• W E E K 5 •

I AM BACK YOU GUYS!!! That felt like forever, holy crap. I ended up resting 9 full days, and I started my workouts again this Wednesday! It felt so so good to get back into my garage, and lift! I am just easing into things right now, but it still feels so good. I will never take working out for granted again! Haha, but seriously. I’m so glad to be back!!

• R E C A P •

CARBS: 314g – I was planning on upping my carbs for week 5, but since this is my first week back since being sick I just decided on leaving them alone for now. I think next week will be the week to have an increase 🙂

PRE / POST WORKOUT CARBS: 65g PER pre / post-workout meal

BLOATING?: Surprisingly, no. I thought because I was sick and not eating enough, that when I started hitting my macros again I would get bloated, but nope! My body just loves all the carbs, I guess! (NOT complaining!)

MOOD:  Just ready. Ready to get back to where I was. I’m still taking it easy with my lifts, not pushing too hard because I still have a lingering cough. I’ll just keep easing into things until that goes away. I’m still motivated and still am wanting to continue with the bulk!

WORKOUTS: Week 9 of MB2. I missed Week 8, but decided to just keep carrying on. I have already planned MB1’s start day, so not messing with any schedule right now. Taking it easy on the lifts, not too heavy right now. Making sure my form is good and I’m breathing well through the reps.


• • •

I hope this Bulking Series can help inspire at least one person who may be reading this. I really want to help show to women, that we can gain size and muscle, and still be beautiful. There is no ‘set size’, or ‘one look’ for a women, that defines the word beauty. Everyone and every body is different, and beautiful no matter if you’re bulked, or shredded. So if your goal is to bulk for a few months and gain some muscle size, or if your goal is to cut and get shredded, JUST DO IT. You do you, girl.



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