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• W E E K 4 •

Alright guys… this week’s recap is going to blow, so I apologize in advance.  Remember last week when I said my body was telling me I needed to rest, so I did some yoga and stretching? I then felt better and finished off my week with my workouts like usual. With a little bit of sharp pains in my back, so I thought I had a really bad knot or something, or pulled a muscle.

Saturday afternoon I could just tell something was off with my body. I woke up early Saturday and lifted arms which felt fine (I skipped the cardio, and was planning on doing it later), and then went to my son’s soccer game. After the soccer game I still wasn’t feeling right, and had that sharp pain in my back again, but also into my left shoulder too. Sunday rolled around and I couldn’t breath without sharp pains pulsing through my left side, my back on the left side, and my left shoulder! So all I can do is little shallow breathes. I ended up falling to my knees sobbing that it hurt so bad in front of my son, and he kept asking me “you okay mommy?”. But I knew it was NOT okay. When I could, I requested an appointment for a walk-in at Walgreen’s, and it turns out I have WALKING PNEUMONIA. Like, WTF. Who gets that, and HOW do you even get that?!

I felt awesome Tuesday/Wednesday so I did a little shoulder workout one day, and a little back workout the next day.  DUMB. That set me back big time. SO, here I am 5 days later, still on medicine, still shallow breathing, and still feeling like shit.

Let’s hope this CRAP goes away! And FAST.

• R E C A P •

CARBS: Goal is still 314g, but I’ve struggled with loss of appetite this week.. I think I’ve been under all my macro’s most days, other than two days. I’m trying hard but my appetite just isn’t there right now.  I was planning on upping my carbs next week, but I think I will hang out here until I’m fully recovered.

PRE / POST WORKOUT CARBS: 65g PER pre / post-workout meal is what it WOULD be, but right now I’m just resting.

BLOATING?: Nope.. I think I’m actually losing e913647aaa2a43ba22fb965f8eb60bfbweight from this.  (NOT the goal in this Bulking Series haha)

MOOD:  Frustrated. Ready to be able to breathe normally again.

WORKOUTS: It would have been Week 8 of my Muscle Building 2 program, but like I said, I’ve been resting all week. When I’m recovered I’ll just back in.



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I hope this Bulking Series can help inspire at least one person who may be reading this. I really want to help show to women, that we can gain size and muscle, and still be beautiful. There is no ‘set size’, or ‘one look’ for a women, that defines the word beauty. Everyone and every body is different, and beautiful no matter if you’re bulked, or shredded. So if your goal is to bulk for a few months and gain some muscle size, or if your goal is to cut and get shredded, JUST DO IT. You do you, girl.




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