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• W E E K 2 •

DONT WORRY, guys… I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve just be SO busy with my freelance work! BUT Week 2 = DONE. The beginning of the week started off a little rough, but now we are at the end of it and it is looking a lot better! I’ll share below, so ya better keep on reading! 🙂

(Every week I will share with you: macro updates, mood, mental state, how my lifts are feeling… really just anything that pops into my head!)

• R E C A P •

CARBS: 314g (same as week 1)

PRE / POST WORKOUT CARBS: 65g PER pre / post-workout meal (same as week 1)

BLOATING?: Still feeling great in this department.. no crazy bloating going on!

MOOD: Still really excited about the bulk, and what is to come! The beginning of the week I noticed some negative thoughts popping in my head about bulking, and what it is doing (less noticeable abs for one) and I really tried to focus on blocking those bad thoughts out, and replacing them with positive ones! Middle to the end of the week those negative voices were long gone, and my mind was back on track!




WORKOUTS: Phase 2 MB2 (Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 2) – lifting heavy WITH reverse pyramids (same as Week 1). The pre and post carb amount is giving me so much energy to power through the lifts. I hit TWO personal best’s today actually: 250 x 1 Dead Lift, and 285 x 4 Hip Thrusts, and got the craziest butt pump (YAS). It was a really great workout, and it’s all thanks to those A W E S O M E carbs. It might also be the new pre-workout my husband got me… but we will go with the carbs, because #CarbsAreLife.



MENTAL STATE: Overall, “okay” this week. Like I said earlier.. the beginning of the week was a little more rough. I wasn’t feeling hungry the first two days. To get to 314g of carbs a day, you got to feel hungry to eat.. or else it just feels like you’re stuffing your face for no reason. SO, I powered through those (weird AF, and not at ALL like me) non-hungry days, and ate my normal carb amounts. All while having those negative thoughts, and thinking if this was the right move for me or not. By the middle of the week, those thoughts started to fade away (I focused on replacing them with positive thoughts and affirmations), and the end of the week turned out awesome!

• • •

Thanks for reading ma friends! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on week THREE next week, and keep your eyes out for a new blog post.. possibly this weekend, or next week!!

• • •

I hope this Bulking Series can help inspire at least one person who may be reading this. I really want to help show to women, that we can gain size and muscle, and still be beautiful. There is no ‘set size’, or ‘one look’ for a women, that defines the word beauty. Everyone and every body is different, and beautiful no matter if you’re bulked, or shredded. So if your goal is to bulk for a few months and gain some muscle size, or if your goal is to cut and get shredded, JUST DO IT. You do you, girl.




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