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HEY guys!! Hope you’re all having such a good weekend! I have been relaxing with my family and getting things UPDATED around here. Hope you like it! I’m super excited about the new, fresh look!

I decided I needed to write-up another blog post for you all, since I have been slacking around here lately! But you know, these two kiddo’s of mine are keeping me pretty busy, always playing or fighting with each other, ha ha!  I’m also studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer with N.A.S.M. right now, and my freelance writing gig is really picking up! Can’t complain about that!

So… let’s dive on in, shall we!?



I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. “How do you get up so early?” “Well, you must go to bed super early too then, huh?” or “I don’t know how you do it, I’m just a zombie in the morning… especially when it’s THAT early!”

To tell you the truth, when I first started waking up early, it was because my kids weren’t napping at the same time during the day! When one would be sleeping, the other one would be awake, and that went on all day long. If I wanted to get my workout in, it had to be in the morning before they woke up, or at night-time after they’ve both gone to sleep. I wasn’t about to waste my quiet, kid-free, husband/wife time,  with working out! So, I made the decision to wake up before the kids!

At first, it was difficult. Don’t get me wrong! I’d set the alarm, and I would go on and on and on (even happens to this day – ask my husband HA!) I would finally get up and feel so groggy! It really took me a few weeks to really get in the habit of waking up on time.

Along the way I’ve come up with a few little tips & tricks to help me get going in the morning!


Before you go to bed, set out ALL of your food and protein powder out on the counter. I’m talking EVERYTHING. Bowls, spoons, shaker cup, scale… everything. Sometimes I even like to weigh out my protein shake, mix it up with my water and put it in the fridge Chex2over night. Just so it is ready for me in the morning! I do the same with my cereal. I weigh it out in the bowl so it’s ready for me by morning. When you wake up in the morning and get to the kitchen, all you have to do is pour your protein shake in the bowl of cereal (if you are me and have Rice Chex and protein in the morning before a workout) and EAT. Take all the thinking out of it for the morning, have it ready and just go. There are no excuses, or messing up your macros because your eyes are half closed at four o’clock in the morning. Whatever it is that you eat early in the morning before your workouts, just prep it the night before, so you can grab it and GO in the morning!


The biggest, and most obvious one of them all, is you have to get to bed at a decent hour! I have figured out that my body needs about seven hours of sleep to not feel exhausted the next day, so I try to get ready for bed at 9:00pm, and sleeping by 9:30pm! If you are having troubles falling asleep, or staying asleep throughout the night, I highly recommend taking a Magnesium supplement before bed! It can help aid in digestion, migraines, SLEEP and if you’re an anxious person it can help with Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.43.56 PMthat also! I LOVE to take mine before bed! It helps me shut my brain off and sleep much better.

The Magnesium supplement I use is from Slap Nutrition! (I also wrote a blog post on this as well)

If you decide to try some, I have an awesome discount code: ‘Nicole‘! Just use it at checkout and it will save you 20%! WHAT!? It’s my favorite supplement to use!


An easy tip, is to sleep in your gym clothes. When I first started waking up in the morning to workout, I would change out of the shorts I went to bed in, to my workout clothes. After a few weeks of that I said, “WHAT am I doing? Just SLEEP in your damn workout clothes, Nicole! Duh!” Seriously though, put your workout clothes on before you go to bed, sleep, wake up, roll out of bed, and BAM! You’re ready to face the world… or the gym, whichever.


fitbitjan23When I get into bed, first thing I do is set my alarms for the next morning. I have about 3-4 set, every 10-15 minutes (my husband LOVES IT HA!) I know you’re probably thinking, “Yes, that’s a given, Nicole… duh!” But my NEXT tip for your alarms, is to set each one with a different tone or song. You’ll eventually learn which song is for what time, and know when you really NEED to get up. I know it may sound weird, and useless…but I swear it works. When that ONE song comes on with that alarm, I know that if I don’t get up now… I have to use my precious nap time to workout – and that AIN’T gonna happen! Trust me, it works. Try it out!



My last and final tip. Are you ready for it? I bet you already guessed it by the header, but when you step into the kitchen (before you make your food, and before you even go to the bathroom), CHUG THAT PRE-WORKOUT (or coffee if you prefer to have coffee instead of pre-workout). Get it in you as soon as possible, and you’ll be good to go by the time you finish you meal! I’ve tried drinking it after my meal, and I just end up sitting there or procrastinating until I feel it working. I now drink it before anything else and it starts working within a few minutes! Plus, once you drink it.. you cannot waste pre-workout. I don’t care who you are, or what kind of pre-workout it is – don’t let it go to waste. Otherwise you’ll just be ready to LIFT and tingly for no reason! With that said: drink up, get that meal in ya, and GO WORKOUT!


You can do it!

It may take a few days or weeks to get in the habit of it all, but it’ll get easier. Trust me! It feels SO good to get in there and get it done early in the morning, and then get on with your day. No stressing about working out at night, wondering if you have enough energy for it after work.

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!



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