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Alright guys, I apologize for the delay on posts the last two weeks! Life has gotten crazy busy with a new job, as well as a family wedding in Sedona and my parents came down for a visit! I also have some exciting news to share with you all – I just signed up to become a N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer! I’m SO excited to start studying next week and get that ball rolling. But I’m even more excited to be doing it along side my sister-in-law!

So – with my puppy dog under my feet, let’s get this blog post going!


Growing up I was always playing some sort of sport – whether it was soccer at age four,  volleyball throughout my high school years, or starting basketball for the first time in 2004 and playing up until college in 2010. I was always an athlete and LOVED playing sports. It wasn’t until AFTER my son’s birth, when I decided to get my act together and start my fitness journey. However, I went about my weight loss journey all wrong. Keep on reading…

In 2008, my senior year of High School I got scouted by a coach from Phoenix Arizona where I ended up accepting a scholarship to play basketball with Grand Canyon University. I packed up and moved down to Phoenix that August! I trained there for half a semester – as it just didn’t work out for me to play that year.  The following year I returned home to Canada where I received another scholarship to play at Lakeland College in Saskatchewan where my parents lived! I lived with them while playing basketball and studying at Lakeland College.

In 2010, I quit college basketball in Canada to finish Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 2.51.23 PMmy degree in the States to be with my boyfriend. Unfortunately , this is when I stopped working out and I stopped taking care of myself. I did the whole drinking and partying gig to finish up my last two years of University, with rarely any workouts going down. (I did graduate on the Dean’s List though – so there’s that! 🙂  )

June 2012, Richard and I got married, and we were loving life together. We were meeting his parents for pizza and beer (since we lived just down the street from them), we were going to our local bar every weekend. We both put our health to the back burner for a bit. Once September hit we found out that we were expecting our first child! During my pregnancy, I did a couple little yoga workouts here and there, but that’s it! I didn’t pay too much attention to how I was fueling my body and my baby, but luckily my cravings stayed at fresh veggies and humus!


Once I had our son in June of 2013, it wasn’t until after my birthday when I saw pictures of myself, when I decided that I needed a change. Something had to change. I knew I just had a baby, but it was time for me to take control of my life. This is when I turned to Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 2.44.09 PMBeach Body and I started with Insanity. I saw some great changes, and lost the baby weight. I then went onto T25 and did that a few times through. I had ended up losing ALL of the baby weight and more. I haven’t weighed that little in YEARS. Probably high school? Little did I know.. I wasn’t fueling my body properly at all. I was restricting myself of all the yummy foods – basically anything carbs.

My family kept telling me “I hope you don’t plan on losing any more weight” or “please don’t lose any more!” They were nervous I had stopped eating and was exercising too much (WHICH I WAS!) I remember I would wake up and do my Beach Body workout (maybe two), and then after breakfast I would go on a long walk (5-7 mile) with my son in the stroller. At his second nap of the day, I would sometimes do ANOTHER work out or run up and down my stairs for some H.I.I.T! It was crazy, and so exhausting. With that excessive exercise AND how I was under-fueling my body, it was inevitable that I would lose lots of weight. However, that WEIGHT I was losing, was also my muscle! I wasn’t burning only fat, because my body needed to fuel itself on my own muscle. It was burning up any muscle that I maybe had and was causing me to lose too much weight, and be exhausted all the time.


When we decided to start trying for our second child, I cut back a little on the workouts and made sure I was getting enough (or so I thought) carbs, proteins & fats in. All went well and we became pregnant fairly quickly! During this second pregnancy I kept up with my T25 workouts and incorporated a little bit of weight lifting as well. I knew I wanted to get into lifting after my second child, so I wanted to have a little knowledge and experience before she was born. I didn’t go too heavy or intense, as I didn’t really lift prior to this pregnancy, but it was a great learning experience. I was also big into running by the time I got pregnant, so I kept that up until about half way through my pregnancy. It started to become a little uncomfortable by that point.

36 Weeks Preg
36 Weeks Pregnant

Throughout that pregnancy I kept rather fit, and only gained a total of 24 pounds. I ate pretty healthy with some treats here and there,  and kept up with my workouts every day up until week 38! Baby girl was growing perfectly!

After having Hayden, I decided to rest the first four weeks and just soak in our new baby and her big brother! I started walking with the kids in the double stroller at four weeks postpartum and it felt amazing to be back exercising!  Once I was cleared to continue my normal workouts at my six-week appointment, I went right back to T25/Insanity workouts. However, all the jumping around with just having a (second) baby, and nursing that babe… it wasn’t going that great. My motivation to workout wasn’t quite there other than going for walks or quick runs outside with the double stroller. I was loving being a mom to two kids, and loved watching them together – I didn’t have TIME to workout! (or so I thought)


I started to research Macro Tracking, and so I calculated my own macro’s on some website! I was super excited to get started on this, because one of my friends counted macro’s and she looked AMAZING! So I set my macros and went on with my life. I tracked for about 4 months, and saw little to no progress.  I was still nursing, so I was hungry all the time. I wasn’t eating enough carbs so my milk supply was dropping and I was ALWAYS tired. (This website told me to eat only 100g Carbs, 35g Fat, and 190g Protein every day if I wanted to lose some fat!)

Phase 1 Collage

It wasn’t until Hayden was NINE months old, that I decided I needed a big change in my life. Everything I was trying or had already tried clearly was NOT working.


I finally bit the bullet and I bought Muscle Building 2 from Jessie Fitness! I had been following Jessie on Instagram for a while, so I knew of her and her community that she had built! I never knew it would literally change my life – physically and mentally.

I calculated my macro’s that she suggested in the e-book and my first thought was “HOLY CRAP. I can’t eat all those carbs, that is insane!” I even felt bad that as I was eating carbs all day long! Isn’t that so sad that I felt GUILTY for eating more food? Looking back at it now, it is so sad that I thought that way. I felt so negatively towards food and had an awful relationship with it.

I trusted her process, ate all the food and I saw amazing progress! Check this picture out…

Phase 1-4 Pictures
March – June 2016

This was only my FIRST round of her Muscle Building 2 program! I was finally fueling my body properly and giving it what it deserved! I cut back my cardio sessions to only a few times a week, and was lifting five days a week. I was finally happy with my physique and happy with where I was going!


I went from eating 100g of carbs on average a day and HIGH protein, to my new maintenance macro’s being 314g carbs. THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN GRAMS OF CARBS A DAY.  I eat seven times a day, yet I still get hungry every TWO hours because my metabolism is so fired up! My muscles and belly are always so happy. I am LOVING IT! Who doesn’t like to eat?! I love to eat. I would eat when sleeping if I could! 😉

The awesome thing about being a Jessie’s Girl and eating all this food, is that it is SUSTAINABLE. It’s not a quick fix – it takes time. It’s not a quick fad diet or a 30 day cleanse. It’s setting you up for a very balanced healthy life!

March 2016 - August 2017 Collage
March 2016 – August 2017


My fitness journey is not over yet, I still have SO many goals that I want to crush. This year has been an AWESOME one 🙂 but I’m ready to take some more big steps forward. Stay tuned to hear more about what those big steps could be!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading about my fitness journey!!

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