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Setting goals in life is important – whether they are fitness related goals, daily life goals, financial goals, or even goals in your personal relationships. Goals can help keep you focused in your day-to-day life, help you to get out of your comfort zone, keep you growing, and ultimately help you achieve greatness. Lets take a closer look…


Pushing yourself as hard as you are in the gym and in the kitchen, and yet you have no set goals? Where are you wanting to go? What are you trying to improve on? Are you trying to get stronger? Do you have a certain competition date? You want to lean down – but how long will you cut for? These are things that you need to know in order to grow in your fitness life! You need to take the time, and actually think about your GOALS. I mean actually sitting down at a table with a notebook, and taking the time to write each one of your goals out. Seeing these visually on a piece of paper will help you, I promise. Keep reading!

When you set a certain goal, it can help improve your daily motivation and drive. After you write down your goals, put them somewhere so you can look at it and read them every single day. Being reminded often of the goals you want to see yourself achieve in life, will help set the tone for your day and remind you what you are specifically working towards. It gives you that extra motivation that you need, to keep working hard!


Writing certain life or fitness (or anything) goals down on a piece of paper, and even telling your friends and family about your goals, will help give you that accountability that you were maybe lacking. If you don’t write your goals down or even think about them, what are you working towards? If you have no goals in place, what’s the point really? If you miss a workout, what does it matter?  Set those goals, but also set some accountability for yourself. Having accountability each day can help you move forward, and help you stick to those goals!

A great idea for accountability is getting a friend or family member to work hard with you! Let’s talk fitness goals, since this is a fitness blog. 🙂 I absolutely love having someone else working out with me. Not necessarily PHYSICALLY with me, but knowing that my friend/family member is doing the same workout as me and putting in the same intense effort every day is such an amazing feeling. Talking about that hard workout we did, or how our nutrition is going, is so motivating to me and gives me that accountability – not only to me, but to them as well. We both are accountable to each other, and that makes it that much harder to just stop reaching for your goals.


Once you are starting to see that you are reaching your goals, don’t stop there! Sit down once again and look at your original goals that you set for yourself. What are you still working towards? What have you accomplished? Now, this is where we need to think to ourselves: “What MORE could I accomplish?” “What can I work on NOW?”

Setting goals is great and getting outside of our comfort zone is awesome! You guys all know that I love getting out of that damn comfort zone. However, once we have gone out of that cozy little comfort zone and worked towards that goal of yours, and you actually REACHED that goal… guess what? Your comfort zone just grew. It is now time to RE-ASSESS those goals, and think about what you can do to get out of that new comfort zone that you just created for yourself. Keep working on getting out of that zone, because great things happen outside of it!


Setting goals for yourself and taking the time to write them out, will show you what you really want in your life! Set goals for your day-to-day life, but also look ahead into the future. When you look ahead ONE year, what do you want to see? How about two or three years? What is it that you want to be doing or want to achieve with your life or fitness? It is important to set short-term goals, but it is just as important to set those long-term goals as well. So grab that notebook and start writing!


When you realize that you keep crushing all of these amazing goals for yourself, you will be amazed! Think back now… try to remember how you felt while you were writing those first goals down a while back. In the back of your mind, that little voice was maybe telling you:  “you aren’t capable of that” or “yeah, good luck with that one!” BUT LOOK AT YOU NOW. You wrote those goals down, worked SO DAMN hard and you accomplished them. You absolutely did it! You crushed those goals and turned your dream into YOUR new reality.


Whatever your goals may be, I want you to be proud of yourself. If you’re just starting out with your fitness journey or you have been at it for a few months/years now, just be proud of yourself. You have come this far, and you’re taking the time to set these important, amazing goals for yourself and for your life!


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