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So you’re ready to start your fitness journey! How EXCITING! I am so proud of you! I have a challenge for you… instead of stepping on the scale every day, or every week obsessing over a number, take MONTHLY progress pictures instead! Giving your body four weeks to change and progress physically, and taking pictures of your body is a lot more rewarding than checking in every single day with the scale. You are NOT defined by that silly little number it reads!

Another way to check your physical progress is by taking your body measurements! But this post is ALL about those progress pictures…so lets get started!


Taking pictures can be such a good way to see how your body is responding to what you are doing in the gym, and in the kitchen. Watching your body composition change in pictures is the coolest thing ever. With pictures you can always look back and see how far you have come.


It’s easy to step on the scale and see that once again, that dang number hasn’t even MOVED. The scale has no idea how hard you are pushing yourself in the gym, how many ounces of water you are drinking or how much muscle you have gained vs. how much fat you have lost. All it tells you is a number of what you weigh, at that VERY MOMENT.


Start off with a blank/plain wall behind you and good lighting. With a blank wall behind you, you will be able to see your body clearer, and it will be easier to tell down the road

Photo on 1-6-14 at 1.45 PM.jpg

what has changed! Good lighting is also needed for seeing that awesome progress that you are making!

Lets take a look back to my very FIRST progress picture I EVER took.  I was nervous to take it and scared that people would see it, so I hid in my closet. Looking back at it now, it’s hard to see because my lighting and background were so poor. The photo is really grainy and just all around poor quality.

BUT, I’ve learned from my mistakes. Moving on… 🙂


Wear something that shows your body enough that you can actually SEE those changes being made.  Don’t be afraid to wear a bathing suit, or shorts and a bra! When you look back at these starting pictures you will be so glad that you did. You’ll be able to see ALL the progress that you have made since you started.


Getting the right angle is just as important! Making sure you’re capturing your body correctly from the right angle MATTERS. If you have a different angle every single time you take a progress picture, it will be that much harder to tell if you’re making progress or not. It can also distort how you look: look too tall or too short.

I took a few examples to show you guys how different angles can really play into how your progress pictures will turn out.

              TOO HIGH:                                            TOO LOW:                                      JUST RIGHT:                            Too high Progress Picture Too Low.jpg Progress Picture Right Angle

In the first picture I had my tripod a little higher, and the camera was angled down, more at face level. This can work, but can also distort your legs and overall body shape. The middle picture I moved my camera lower, and pointed it upwards. You can see how it even made my feet look bigger than they actually were, and it just doesn’t look quite right. The third picture is shot from chest height, directly straight on. I like to place my camera at chest height, making sure that my angle is straight on. Not too high, not too low. To make sure you get that perfect angle every time, I suggest using a Tripod!


Now that you have the lighting, background and angle down. Start snapping away! I like to take these three poses first: straight on, side, and back! I really like to use those types of pictures when I want to compare and check my progress later on.


I know, I get it… taking progress pictures isn’t the most exciting thing to do in the morning, but it IS necessary to track how you’re progressing with your fitness journey!

A way to make it a little more exciting is to do THIS.

After you take those (boring – yet necessary) first few pictures, HAVE SOME FUN! Take some more pictures of your most favorite poses, and just be silly with it. Have a little mini photo shoot!


My last tip for taking good progress pictures would be to avoid using the flash. The flash can be so harsh, and wash you (and those gorgeous muscles of yours) out. It can make you appear pale, and flat. If you’re in a room with no windows (like my garage), read up on how to set up your camera in ‘Manual Mode’ so you don’t have to use the flash. If you’re in a room with plenty of windows, then this will be much easier for you. Just make sure that the window isn’t too bright and harsh on your skin.


I am so excited for you and your fitness journey! I really recommend taking pictures throughout your whole transformation! You will be SO glad that you did. It is so rewarding to look back and see how your body has changed, and what is really going on with your body. The scale can not tell you all of that with just a number. (However, I do like to weigh myself once every few months, just for curiosity reasons. I don’t let that number tell me how I am progressing. I use pictures and measurements – that is it!)

I hope this post helps you ladies out with your progress pictures and tracking your physical progress!

A little fun fact to end the blog post: I weigh only TWO pounds different from my beginning picture to my current progress picture.  (See Below!)



  1. Great info Nicole! Progress pics are my downfall as I honestly don’t know how to take a decent selfie. Tripod, that’s the trick! Who knew 🙂 Do you use a smartphone? Is there a tripod for a smartphone???

    1. Hey love!! I’m glad you liked the post! Yes, tripod helps tremendously! I use my Nikon DSLR camera with the tripod, along with the 10 second timer!

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