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Hey there! I’m Nicole.

Fitness and technology both, are my JAM. Of course alongside being a wife and mom to two kids! I love how they both make me feel like a boss babe all around!

I offer Training Program E-books, for the person looking for a change in their training programs. For the woman looking to become stronger, and fuel their body properly. Ditch the fad diets and learn a sustainable lifestyle through macro tracking and flexible dieting. You for sure can have your cake and eat it too!

I also offer Website Design. I have always loved technology and I have become a WordPress Guru with creating clean, user-friendly, and profitable websites. I will  find the perfect WordPress theme, build it from the ground up and create a kick-butt website for your small business, or individual brand.


Why Failure Is Actually A Good Thing

You want to do better, feel better, and finally reach your goals. Yet you're constantly hearing that negative betty in the back of your head spewing nasty comments that fill your mind with doubts, worries, anxiety, and ultimately the feeling of fear and failure. That...

Online Coaching: 5 REASONS WHY

It's been two months of the same thing. Workout program after workout program grinding in the gym, writing up your own workouts and cardio sessions, trying to make sure you get them all in during the week. Slowly the motivation starts to fade, and you're left...

Road To The Stage: SHOW DAYS

WHAT IN THE FREAK JUST HAPPENED? I can't believe that the weekend has come and gone already and I have NPC shows under my belt. Definitely makes me a bit emotional thinking about what I have just accomplished and what I have pushed through these last 29 weeks. YES, I...

Road To The Stage: Weeks 25 – 27

A BITTERSWEET MOMENT To say this has been a difficult journey, would be an understatement. I knew going into this, that it would be hard. I knew going in that my macros would get low, and that my cardio sessions would increase. I also knew going in that I needed a...

Road To The Stage: Weeks 21-22

Okay, let's try this again! I had this post basically done, and of course, my daughter gets a hold of the keyboard and ends up erasing everything, picking her own blog title AND publishes it! Oh boy.. haha! #MOMLIFE What I was trying to say....LOL, was that we are...

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