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WELCOME To Nicole Hunter Fitness!
Everyone is capable of anything. I am here to help show that to you.

 I offer online training to those wanting a change, while building a sustainable lifestyle through macro tracking and strength training. It’s time we stopped the fad diets and ‘quick fix’ diets that are not sustainable for the long term.


I am all about eating to nourish your own body – no matter the size/shape/activity level. We are here to eat and build some muscle!


If you’re ready for a change, a sustainable lifestyle and some kick-ass muslces – I’m the trainer for you! 

online training

I’ll take you through an 8 week training program and be RIGHT by your side through every workout, and every step! Direct messaging to ME with App access!

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macro coach

Customized macro calculation for your unique body, and your specific goals!


Activate your fitness journey with my 8 week strength training guide! I’ll help give you the tools to create a fit and sustainable lifestyle.



Do you ever get stuck on what HIIT exercises to do? Are you getting bored of your usual cardio workouts? With my 8 weeks of HIIT workouts, you will never get bored!

'INTENSIFY' Launch Day:









(with purchase of the 8 week online training program & app access option only)

More About Nicole!

Fitness and becoming my best self is my ultimate passion, along side being a wife and mom. I love how it makes me feel so happy and healthy! I love staying fit for my family. Which has led me to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer!

I offer Workout E-books, train clients online with custom training programs through my own custom app,  as well as customized macro coaching.

I am currently working towards my Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Women’s Fitness Specialist Certifications as well! 🙂

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Online Training

Grab a workout guide, or receive a customized workout plan and/or macro coaching, specifically made for you and your unique body!

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With the purchase of an E-Book or any online coaching – this will give you access to my CLOSED Facebook group! Only customers and clients will be approved, so make sure to have your order # handy!

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You are capable of so much more. If you trust yourself, and this process you will be sure to find your inner strength as well as your physical bad ass strength!

I’m here to help you through this whole journey!

NICOLE HUNTER, Certified personal trainer
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